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Houston Wedding Photography
So, you are planning a wedding  in Houston, Texas?  A Texas-sized Congratulations is in order! With such a rich heritage, diverse cultural community, and a wealth of resources, the greater Houston area can be the ideal location for your photography!
A huge army of talented, and artistic Houston wedding photographers cannot be wrong! They would all agree that Houston is one of the best places for wedding photography!
The  variety of architecture and landscape make it an attractive location for wedding photography. Springtime is an ideal time for your Houston wedding photo sessions!  Don’t forget the mild winter climate, making outdoor Houston wedding photography possible all year round! Although the summer months can be on the warm and humid side, we can be thankful that Houston is just about the ‘most air-conditioned place on earth’. During these hot and muggy days, it is best to have an early morning or early evening photo shoot.

What’s not to love about wedding photography in Houston? Beautiful places and beautiful faces! Style and charm! Skyscrapers! Azaleas! Reflection ponds! Museums! Gardens! Old West! Urban Contemporary! Giant live oaks! Art sculptures! Historical architecture! Sporting venues! Country clubs! Parks! International flare! Renaissance! Space! Rodeo! Planes, trains and automobiles! Universities! Outdoor Theater! Antiques! Unique! Hip! Nightlife! Country! Pavilions! Film! Food! Fountains! Fitness! Fun! Festivals! Green! Gorgeous views! Aquariums! Ferris wheels! Observation decks! Bayous! Quantity and quality! Vibrant color! Boats! Ballrooms! Elegance! Landmarks! Murals! Chandeliers! Heritage! State-of-the-Art! Stunning staircases! Balconies! Sophistication! You name it, we’ve got it! Whatever your taste, you’re in the right place for your wedding!

We have been in the Wedding Photography business for over 10 years, so before you commit to just any wedding photography studio, take a look at our latest wedding photography portfolio  and review our affordable and extensive wedding day packages.

If you like what you’ve seen here, consider giving us the honor of   trusting us with your Wedding Photography needs?