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What should we wear for our engagement session?

What’s the big deal about engagement session?

How to choose your wedding photographer.

How much time do I need for my pictures?

Should I do my bridal portrait before the wedding?

Which wedding album? So many names, so hard to choose?
One of the biggest decisions in wedding photography is whether or not to get an album, and then if you do want one, what type to get. There are so many names flouting around and so many different choices available now, I understand your frustration. We hope this article will shed some light and clear you confusion…Read more…

Do you allow other guests take pictures at my wedding?
I’ve heard much discussion recently about photographers who limit or restrict guests from taking pictures. Different photographers have different policies regarding this…read more

Why do wedding photographers cost so much?
One question that comes up fairly often is why wedding photography is so expensive? I’m going to attempt to break it down here and hopefully give you the information that will help you more fully understand the answer to that question. These figures are average and will vary from one photographer to another…read more…

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