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50th Wedding Anniversary
Wedding Vow Renewal
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Love for a Lifetime

It’s a rare and extra special event when I get to photograph a 50th Wedding Anniversary/ Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony. The honor of witnessing and preserving images of this kind of treasure can hardly be described with words. It is in the gentle touch of her hand on his face, a gleam in the corner of his eye, and the tears of joy rolling silently down both of their cheeks. With great respect for one another, Dell and Larry celebrated 50 years of marriage – a love that has stood the test of time, overcome decades of obstacles and only grown more intense and secure. With reverence, Scriptures and song, Dell and Larry celebrated a lifetime of love with their children and grandchildren, friends and family, at the Assumption Catholic Church of Houston, Texas.
The first time Dell’s mother let her go roller skating was on a Saturday at the noon session. She walked in with her friend Vickie, and there was Larry ~ skating with another girl. Dell fell in love with him that very moment! This was 1953, and it took her until November 1954 to get Larry to ask her to “go steady”. This was not an easy task! Larry was a handsome boy and all of her friends wanted to “go with” him, and they did! “I had to keep breaking them up until he ran out of girls and finally asked me to go with him!” Dell was 11, and Larry was 12.
“We have been together ever since and have had one adventure after another!”

Dell has often said she would write a book about their lives together, but she says “we are still living it”!

They encourage others to “Love every minute of your life and never let a day go by without saying I love you”.

Thank you, Dell and Larry, for inspiring us all in love, integrity, and the covenant of marriage.

I look forward to photographing your 75th!



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