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Young Love

Warning: If you are a parent of teenagers, you may want to skip reading this article completely. However, if you are a hopeless romantic or believer in young love, by all means continue!

You know that guy in your 9th grade English class. No, not the one with the ego as big as the sun, the one you had a crush on with the dreamy eyes! The one you daydreamed about marrying while the teacher read Shakespeare aloud to the class? Did you doodle his name all over your notebooks, or secretly write out your full name in pencil on at the top of your page with ‘Mrs.’ in front of your first name, and HIS last name as yours ~ just to see how it would look in writing ~ and then erase it quickly before miss nosey in the seat next to you had a chance to see it? Sigh! Young love!

How about you guys, do you remember the girl who sat across the room from you in your freshman year of English? The one who made you feel like a million bucks by simply smiling at you as you read your book report out loud to the class. The one who smelled like heaven as she walked by your desk to turn in her test paper. Did you take half of the semester to work up the nerve to say something to her? And when she replied, you felt like you could fly!
Or make a point not to let your buddies know how much you were head over heels for her so they wouldn’t give you a hard time at practice?
BIG sigh! Young love!
Erik & Libby met in their 9th grade English class. However, it wasn’t until just before their Senior Prom that they actually started dating! Awww, young love!
In the months approaching Libby’s 22nd birthday, she had been talking about her desire to go horseback riding. For her birthday, Erik made two of her dreams come true. He took Libby to a place where they could go horseback riding on a trail ride. Along the way, Erik dropped his bandana that had been provided by the riding place. He went back to look for it, and was gone for what seemed like a long time. Suddenly, Libby turned around to see Erik down on one knee pulling out a beautiful engagement ring! “It was super sweet, and caught me 100% by surprise!”

These high school sweethearts were now engaged and planning their dream wedding. They chose to say their wedding vows in Erik’s home church. It had the added historical bonus of both his parents and brother getting married there. Libby found her wedding gown at Impression Bridal, with the help of her consultant, Debbie. The exquisite gown was the exact wedding dress that Libby had always wanted!
The Green Event Center held their wedding reception. The fact that everything was included in the cost, without having to commit to their contracted providers really was the selling point. “The Green Event Center made everything so easy and stress free!” One of Libby’s friends had been married there and spoke highly of the wedding venue. The size of The Green Event Center was exactly what Erik and Libby needed. There was room for a bar and buffet area that was out of the way, and did not take up room for their 110 guests to sit or dance. The design of The Green Event Center happens to be a great place for wedding photography. The rooftop garden is one of its lovely features.
The wedding cake was included with the package at The Green Event Center. It was made by Julie Moncrief. She makes her cakes out of her house and they are extremely delicious. “She was able to recreate a cake that I found online and it was absolutely everything I could ask for!”
All of the flowers were done by a family friend; Stephanie Putnal-Rodriguez. She also does her work out of her house, and worked with Libby to give her exactly what she had in mind.
Erik and Libby described seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day as being nothing short of pure joy and excitement! Declaring their wedding vows and the readings which their grandmothers prepared for them were the most emotional moments of the ceremony for Erik and Libby. At the wedding reception in The Green Event Center, Erik and Libby said that best part was getting to spend time with their friends and family! The DJ also provided a great mix of music for fun and dancing. And finally the young newlyweds took off to beautiful St. Lucia – Sandals La Toc for their honeymoon.
If you are planning the wedding of your dreams, take wise piece of advice from Erik and Libby: Don’t stress out. Little things will go wrong here and there, but if you stress out you won’t be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful events of your life!