San Luis Resort Galveston Wedding Photography

San Luis Resort
Galveston, Texas
Wedding Photography

There are considerable benefits to taking things slowly. You know, like aged wine and cheese, or slowly brewed beer and coffee. Intense, rich and flavorful. If paid close attention to, treated as precious and brewed correctly, the result is the splendor of the final product! The same can be said for relationships. Take Christina and Josh, for example. They met in 2001 at Western Michigan University, and were friends for three years before beginning to date one another. Their relationship developed carefully over several years before they became engaged in 2011! On her 28th birthday, Josh took Christina on a weekend trip to San Antonio. “Due to Christina having just moved to Texas not long ago I decided I’d take her to learn some history at the Alamo. We took the tour and got her some history and then decided to take a walk through the gardens on the property . . . Christina sat down on a bench in the shade for some water and to look at pictures on her camera when I decided it was time. I took the ring out of my pocket and told Christina that I’d wanted to wait till we were in the heart of Texas, at which point I asked her to marry me and she of course said yes without as much as a second thought. I then told her, “Now you’ll always remember the Alamo!”
SGI Photography was honored to be their wedding photographer.
The maturity and depth of Josh and Christina’s relationship is very apparent. The fact that the couple chose the San Luis Resort in Galveston, Texas as their wedding venue speaks volumes about their taste for quality and attention to detail. A picture-perfect gazebo, breathtaking views of the Gulf, an elegant ballroom of a fascinating resort – perfectly picturesque from a wedding photographer’s position. It was an intimate gathering of guests at the San Luis on their special day, and Christina and Josh were surrounded with love at their favorite beachfront location. The soul mates declared their marriage vows and are destined to make their own history as Christina and Josh’s love story continues!