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Rice Crystal Ballroom
Houston, Texas
Magnetic Personalities

Since George and Christy first met, they have been inseparable. When your brother tells you he has a college friend you might like, it’s not often that they turn out to be your soul mate! Christy was drawn to George like a magnet. “He was so charming and sweet. I was drawn to him and never wanted to leave his side.” Not only was he good looking, he had a magnetic personality and was so fun! Christy’s gorgeous smile automatically made George smile. “She was absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her the first time I met her (and still can’t)!” Not only was she pretty, but she was pretty funny and their personalities just ‘clicked’!

From perfect first impressions and immediate attraction, George and Christy grew intensely close in a short amount of time. “It felt like we had known each other forever!” After a month of dating, during a weekend trip to Horseshoe Bay they both knew they were in love. “Our relationship was amazing and our feelings were indescribable!”

Christy says that George is the most caring man she has ever met and loves his thoughtfulness. “He is so understanding, even when I am being stubborn. Not only does he care about me, he is always so sweet to all my friends.” George loves Christy’s kindness towards not only him, but to complete strangers. “She always knows how to make me feel better!” He admires how Christy treats every day like a gift ~ always being upbeat and positive no matter the situation.

The first 9 months of their relationship was a long-distance. They overcame this challenge with dedication and devotion to one another. They learned how to really communicate with each other. There were hard days, but they got through it!
George invited Christy out to a nice dinner to celebrate the completion of her first year of teaching. He had reservations at the Petroleum Club in Dallas in a private room looking out over the city of Dallas. As they finished dinner, the waitress brought out 2 glasses of champagne and an envelope with Christy’s name on it. In the envelope was a letter from George who promised her many wonderful things. At the end of the letter it said,” I want our future to start tonight, but before that you need to answer one question.” When Christy read that part aloud, George was on his knee with the ring in her hand. Of course she said, “Yes!” and they celebrated together, just the two of them for a little while. Being the thoughtful man that he is, George had also arranged for Christy’s family, his family and her 3 best friends to join in the celebration from around the corner! From there, they all went to the bar where 25 more of their friends were there to celebrate the night with them!

They were married in the lovely Sanctuary of Bear Creek United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. The wedding reception was held at Rice Crystal Ballroom. By the way, Rice Crystal Ballroom is one of the most ideal locations for a wedding reception from a wedding photography standpoint. Elegant and dramatic backdrops galore! The perfect place for this completely in-love couple to celebrate their marriage! Christy also did her bridal portraits there – a very smart choice!

They shared their secret to a successful relationship with us so we could pass it on to all of our friends: “Laughter is the key to a happy relationship. We are goofy and silly with each other, and we really are best friends. We keep each other laughing and happy.”

With magnetic personalities like George’s and Christy’s, we know they will always be together surrounded by loving family and friends!

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