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Oak Tree Manor
Houston Wedding Photographer
It all started with a map.

It was only Katy’s second week of work. She sat at the break room table studying a map of the refinery, trying to figure out where the sample pick up points were. Andrew came and sat at the break room table with Katy. He took her map and mapped out all the points for her. Unfortunately, Katy was dating someone else at the time but she thought to herself, “He would be cute if he just cut his hair!” Andrew and Katy worked together off and on and became good work colleagues. A year later, in the map of life, their paths crossed again. They were placed on the same shift and began to see more of each other. After a little time, a haircut, and break up, Andrew and Katy became inseparable.
If you notice in their wedding photos, you can see the very same map from work that Katy kept all these years! She even wrote her wedding vows on the back of the map!

Andrew had some special navigating to do when proposing to Katy.
“It is a little difficult to surprise some one when they live with you and they are expecting a ring . . . Katy even knew the delivery date and kept checking the door every hour on the hour and making sure that the doorbell worked. I tried to let her sleep in as much as possible, telling her that a confirmation email was not sent so it must have been delayed.
Luckily, the ring arrived while Katy was sleeping and was quickly hidden away. That night at work I set everything up. The following day, when Katy left to go to the gym, I ran out picked up an ordered floral arrangement, a dozen cake balls from her favorite bakery and her favorite Italian dish and had them all ready for her. When she came home she saw everything and was so excited that she just started hopping up and down not able to eat anything! The food went to waste but the cake balls were all eventually eaten (with help from me).”

Who could resist the beauty and symbolism of being joined together in matrimony under a huge, beautiful oak tree?!? This is what attracted Katy and Andrew to their wedding venue; Oak Tree Manor in Spring, Texas. Oak Tree Manor is located just north of Houston, under the quiet, peaceful oaks on the property of this quaint bed and breakfast on Spring Stuebner Rd. The setting is picturesque for Houston wedding photography!
When they first saw each other on their special day, Andrew said that he couldn’t be happier! Katy was overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry. She was excited and overjoyed! Even though Andrew lost his voice and many people did not hear his vows, Katy heard him loud and clear because his actions spoke louder than words!
100 guests joined the celebration of the Katy and Andrew’s union.
Katy wore a stunningly beautiful gown from David’s Bridal. Gorgeous floral décor and bouquets were created by Dream Bouquet. Cakes by Gina made their wedding cakes, with an especially delicious Italian Cream groom’s cake.
Katy had multiple items for ‘something borrowed, something blue’.
“For my blue I had my shoes, my opal ring, and blue on my garter. For borrowed, one of my garters was borrowed from a bridesmaid and the opal ring I wore was my great grandmother’s. My new was my dress and pearl jewelry that Andrew bought me for my birthday. My old was my great grandmother’s ring and the map of the refinery that I wrote my vows on. Also, my bridesmaids surprised my with a scrapbook and sixth pence for my shoe.”
Their advice for future brides and grooms would be to hire a wedding planner if you can. “They are wonderful ~ especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Plus, they give excellent recommendations such as SGI Photography. Also, try to keep the decision making between you and the groom. Andrew and I were very adamant about no one else influencing our decisions. We picked the dress, the cake, the tuxes, and venue, pretty much everything with little or no input from friends or family ~ just us and our wedding planner, Lindsay. This way we got exactly what we wanted. Most importantly, by the time the wedding day arrives, everything will fall into place.”

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