Lyceum of Galveston Island wedding photography

I had a pleasure photographing at the Lyceum of Galveston Island in June here is the story of Anna and Seth.

It was Anna’s birthday. She and Seth were at The Melting Pot restaurant for dinner. Anna was wondering if Seth was about to break up with her or had simply forgotten that it was her birthday. He hadn’t mentioned it or gotten her any flowers. At the end of the meal, the waiter suddenly brought out a huge bouquet of flowers with a card! Anna read the card which said “I hope you get everything you want, love Seth” and when she looked up he had the ring in front of her! He asked her, “Will you be my wife?” That will always be a birthday to remember!

As they searched for a location for their wedding celebration, they came across an unusual place on Galveston Island.
They loved the size and feeling they got from being in The Lyceum. There are big, beautiful stained-glass windows, high wooden beamed ceilings, and lovely wood floors. Also, they will tell you that the staff at The Lyceum; Cynthia & Brenda, are AWESOME! The Lyceum is a unique setting in Galveston, Texas for wedding ceremonies and Seth and Anna were glad it was the venue they chose for their special day

Anna’s wedding gown was Enzoani Blue Formosa in Magnolia, her cake was an almond white cake with Raspberry filling, and the groom’s cake was a chocolate cake with strawberry filling made by Fiona Bakery, “By far the BEST cake we have ever had, we will use her as long as she is open!” The bride and groom’s mothers, Anna & Anne did all of the flowers! If people are interested, they are willing to make flower bouquets for them! They hope to have an Etsy store open soon. Seventy-five special guests enjoyed sharing their wedding ceremony & celebration.
When Anna first saw Seth on their wedding day she felt a peace at first, but then started to giggle nervously! He thought she was crying but others noticed that Anna was giggling. Seth was completely blown away & overwhelmed! “It was like seeing your first girlfriend walk down the stairs to take her to the dance, just how beautiful she is it blows you away!”
The most emotional moment for Anna happened right before the doors opened for the bride to walk into the sanctuary. “My cousin, Joel, who walked me down the aisle, said that my dad would be really proud of me. My dad passed away when I was 18 so that meant a lot that he thought I was making the right choice in marrying Seth.”

Seth got very emotional when he saw the doors open and Anna began walking towards him down the aisle!
At their reception, Anna and Seth enjoyed: EVERYTHING! “the photo booth was a blast for everyone who got into it, the people, the music by DJ Spin Majic, the toasts, and listening to everyone tell us about how they know too that we are meant to be.”
They did not go on a honeymoon right after the wedding, as they had too many guests from out of town that they wanted to spend time with. They plan on going to Hawaii around October.
Anna’s advice for future brides and grooms? Elope! Just kidding! No, seriously though, make your wedding what you want it to be. Don’t let other people ruin what you want. It’s your wedding, so stand up for it. Everyone is going to give you their opinion, even if you don’t ask for it. Enjoy your time together as a couple.
Seth’s advice? No matter how hard you think it is going to be when you start the process of planning your wedding, it will turn out much better in the end!

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