Jewish Wedding Ceremony Galveston Wedding Photography

Jewish Wedding
Ceremony Galveston, Texas

“Love can build a bridge, between your heart and mine” the lines from the Judd’s country music song came to mind at the recent Jewish Wedding Ceremony that I photographed. Such a beautiful tapestry was woven together of a broad variety of cultures and customs. The lovely wedding of Claire and Scott was held in the gardens and pavilion called the Garten Verein; an octagonal dancing pavilion built in 1880 by Galveston Island’s German Garden Club. The Garten Verein has historically been a symbol of inclusion – membership was open to all – even in the 19th century, flags from all nations were flown. The ceremony was officiated by Rabbi Adrenne Scott, and was comprised of Jewish wedding traditions such as the Chuppah or marriage canopy which symbolizes the home that the couple will build together; the Ketubah or Jewish wedding contract that describes the rights and obligations of the bride and groom which was signed prior to the ceremony; Circling one another which symbolizes the couples’ pledge to protect one another and build a life composed of independent and complimentary orbits; The Rings solid metal rings which have no beginning or end, to represent the wholeness of their union and an unbroken future together; Seven Blessings ~ six of these blessings thank G-d for creating the world, man & woman, peace & harmony, the joy of the bride & groom and the seventh blessing over the wine, sanctifies their wedding day and their marriage; Breaking of the Glass ~ at the end of the ceremony the groom shatters a glass underneath his foot which is a reminder of the Temple’s destruction in Jerusalem, and symbolizes the fragility of a marriage; indicating that it must be handled with great care. As the sound of the broken glass is heard, everyone shouts “Mazel Tov”! During the reception inside of Garten Verein’s pavilion, the Jewish traditions continued in lively songs and group dancing such as The Hora or Chair Dance – the lifting of the bride and groom on chairs while singing “Hava Nagila”. The beautiful décor by Mary, from “It’s Your Day Event Planners”, and all of the gorgeous flower displays were by Jill, the mother of the bride! The guests were treated to a wide variety of delicious cuisine, and cut a very large cup cake from the top of a ‘cupcake tree’ designed by Viva la Cake Balls. The fun continued as guests posed inside of The Hoot Photo Booth! Congratulations, Scott and Claire! Best wishes for your new life together!