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You Can Have The Wedding Day Of Your Dreams!

5 Little Known, Eye-Opening Tips Below!


  Dear Future Bride,

This valuable information is not for every Bride-To-Be . . . is it for you?


If you are expecting to have an “It’ll Do” wedding – one that isn’t well-organized, stressful and mediocre. One where your smile is forced due to exhaustion and the guests can hardly catch a glimpse of you. One where so many things seem to go wrong and you spend the day improvising and wishing you had just eloped. Then this information is not for you. Please don’t waste your time by reading any further . . . UNLESS . . . . . . you are a bride who desires and expects her wedding to be EXCEPTIONAL! A wedding that is well-organized, stress-free, and outstanding! One where you are able to enjoy every moment, and the joy you feel inside is easily expressed on your beautiful face! A day when you experience the romance and sacredness of your commitment, spending quality time with relatives and friends, and happy tears from being surrounded by so much love!

Then this is going to be the most exciting, and useful wedding advice you will ever discover!

Please, allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Slava G. Ivanov, and I absolutely love weddings! I’ve been photographing them for many years – not because I have to, but because I want to. A married man myself ~ 18 years to my lovely wife, Kaari. I know from experience the significance of the wedding day, the sentimental details, the astounding emotional effect that a wedding can have on everyone involved! Review of Houston wedding photographer studio

From my wealth of knowledge and experience, I would like to share with you how you can have the most meaningful, memorable, and satisfying wedding day!


Congratulations! If you’re still reading, it means you are not just any bride! You plan on having your wedding dreams come true! You’re going to be a radiant bride! Your ceremony is going to be gushing romance! You expect things to go smoothly. You want to have a fabulous time celebrating your “I Do”, and see all of your guests having a fantastic time, too!

You will definitely want to take note of these 5 little known, eye-opening tips to ensure that your wedding day dreams DO come true!


Tip #1: Your wedding photographer can make or break your entire wedding day!


Yes, I said your wedding daynot just your wedding photos! Why? Because he or she is there in person – with you, your fiancé your family – interacting with every family member and all of your guests! The impact of your photographer on your wedding day is exponential! I’m not just talking about how your pictures turn out. Your photographer is going to be a prime factor in how you feel on your wedding day! Affecting everything from how smoothly everything flows, the atmosphere, the way he/she conducts himself/herself from the pre-wedding planning and portraits, to the interaction with you and your guests on the most special day of your life! So, here’s the secret: Before hiring your wedding photographer, it is absolutely essential that you meet with them IN PERSON before hiring anyone. Most brides are not aware that the photography company they just hired will be sending out a part-time amateur photographer – typically a college student, but quite possibly a high school kid, friend or relative! Just because the bride met with a studio representative (aka salesperson), looked through albums & samples, does not mean they’ve met the actual photographer! Meeting a complete stranger who will be taking pictures of you at your wedding can be disastrous! Of course, you have already read the latest wedding magazine’s article on ‘questions to ask your wedding photographer’. Be sure you’re asking the RIGHT questions! 1. Who did these particular photos you are showing me? 2. Who, exactly, will be photographing our wedding if we hire your studio? What is their name? 3. We need to MEET this person in person BEFORE we hire your studio. Would that be possible? Then, when you meet this specific person, ask him or her the following questions: 1. How many years have you been photographing weddings? 2. Did you do ALL the samples of wedding photography we saw in the sample books? If not, would you show us your personal work, please? 3. What will you be wearing to my wedding? 4. How early will you arrive before my wedding? Is this time included in your fees? 5. Do you work from a checklist of photos? (FYI – A checklist of your personal ‘must have shots’ – rare family traditions, an photo with a great-aunt who flew 4,000 miles to be there, etc. is good to give your photographer in advance so they can be prepared. However, you don’t want a photographer who needs a checklist to do your wedding photography! He’ll spend all his time looking at the list, and may miss all the most wonderful, romantic and spontaneous moments of your wedding!) 6. Before you leave our wedding, who will you check with first to see if there’s anything else we would like you to do? 7. How soon will our images be ready to view? Will they be available online? Can they be password protected? Ok, you’ve decided that you REALLY LIKE HIM, as well as his work! That’s good, because he’s going to be spending a lot of time with you and your family and friends, on your very important day!

By the way, I thought you might be curious, so here are MY answers to the above questions:


I am SGI Photography. I have been a professional wedding photographer for over a decade. I will be photographing your wedding personally. I want to represent you professionally, and will dress to blend in as a wedding guest. No tux or full suit – I don’t want to detract from your groom, groomsmen, or fathers. Capturing your wedding day begins when you do – getting ready at your home or hotel room portraits are included in our fees. I plan to get to know you and your unique vision for your wedding day. I don’t need a photography checklist to work from, but encourage quality communication to ensure that your wedding day and photos exceed your expectations! I’ll be there for you through the momentous ceremony and through the excitement of the reception, until you, your husband (how awesome will that sound to finally call him – your husband!!!) and your parents, all say they have nothing else for me to do! I won’t leave your wedding until I have checked in with all of the above people! Your wedding day images are guaranteed to be online within 24 hours, even password protected upon request! Believe it or not, your album layout will be ready by the time you return from your honeymoon! Not 6 weeks,10 weeks, or 1/2 a year later! Now those are the advantages of the boutique-style, one-on-one service of SGI Photograpy

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Tip #2: Your photographer’s guarantee tells you how committed he is to making sure you are thrilled on your wedding day and with your wedding photos!


It is extremely important to discover if a photographer will guarantee his work and service to your satisfaction. Your wedding day is a one-time-event! What happens if you are upset with the way you and your guests are treated? What if she leaves before he/she was supposed to? What if the key shots you requested were missed? Just so you know, SGI Photography guarantees that you will not just like your wedding day service and photographs, you will be THRILLED! We want you to LOVE everything SGI Photography does for you! We will do whatever is necessary to have you be ecstatic on your wedding day and with your photographs, or we will return ALL of your money. Period. And no hard feelings either.


Tip #3: Do your homework on ‘testimonials’! Make sure they are from real people! Request contact information for previous clients.


Don’t be shy! Follow through with getting in touch ~ make sure they were happy with their wedding photographer & the photos of their special day! This seems like an obvious step in selecting a wedding photographer, but many brides skip doing this all the time and end up regretting it. On our website, SGI Photography highly encourages you to discover what past clients are saying about us! SGI Photography is more than happy to put you in touch with previous clients upon request.

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Tip #4: The number of weddings and events a photographer does in a day will directly impact the quality of your wedding and final products!


I am compelled to inform you of a common practice among wedding photographers. Although my intention is not to degrade any of them personally. Many of them I happen to know and respect! However, potential clients deserve to know the truth prior to selecting their wedding photographer. This information is vital: Many photographers in the industry attempt to squeeze as many events as possible into their day! They can do an engagement photo shoot in the morning, someone else’s bridal shower in the afternoon, and finally rush to get to a wedding in the evening. By then, they are very tired and looking forward to escaping early from the reception. A photographer that is not focused on YOU and YOUR INCREDIBLE WEDDING DAY simply will not be able to interact with you and your guests with enthusiasm and sensitivity. Unfortunately, they just aren’t going to be able to capture all of the intimate moments, romance and emotions of your special day. Since SGI Photography understands how important this day is to you, I only photograph ONE wedding per day! I’m not burned out or tired when I show up ready to focus on YOU and your wedding of a lifetime! I am rested and prepared to focus on you and your day alone! I am excited about capturing the romance and beauty of your exceptional day!  


Tip # 5: To be the most beautiful bride your family and friends have ever seen, experience the most satisfying wedding day, and to receive the most incredible wedding photographs you will enjoy for years to come all depends on the way you FEEL on your wedding day!


You’ve dreamt of this day since you were a little girl. You deserve to be the most beautiful bride any of your relatives and friends have ever seen! You’ve met the perfect man for you, you’ve selected the perfect gown, veil, shoes, flowers, you’ll have your hair and makeup done, but your beauty is also the way you feel inside, your emotions radiate through the countenance of your face, the love you feel is seen in your eyes and you glow as you walk down the aisle when are tension-free. Your future husband, family and guests are all eyes on you and they will see how beautiful you FEEL when you are stress-free, relaxed, and experiencing all of the powerful emotions of the moment! When you are confident with the decisions you’ve made and comfortable with the photographer you’re working with, all of your outer and inner beauty shines through clearly to everyone around you and in your photographs! Do you see how it all “fits” together to result in an exceptional day, and exceptional photographs? Now let’s make it happen! The right wedding photographer can make your wedding day and photographs absolutely PRICELESS! The tender, emotional moments between you and your loved ones add to the beautiful tapestry of your lives! I love to capture and express all those wonderful moments for you without interfering with the emotions and romance of your wedding day.


Here’s What To Do To Let the Magic Begin!

  First, decide if you truly want to experience the wedding of your dreams! Determine in your heart that you can and you will experience an exceptional & stress-free wedding!   Take the first step towards your goal by investing nothing but a phone call to SGI Photography to ask if we still have your wedding date available. Because we are widely sought after and we limit the number of weddings to no more than 20 each year, it is possible that we may already be booked on your day. Simply CLICK HERE for the phone number to speak with Kaari. Remember, there is no cost or obligation to call. Then, if you’ve found yourself liking anything on this page and only if you would like to, we can set up a time to visit in person about your wedding. This is a free consultation!

May I ask you a question? How important do you think your wedding photos will be to you 10 or 20 years down the road?


A True Story Of A Bride And Groom, and What It Means For You.

Let me quickly share a true story with you before you go.A few years ago, I received a phone call from a woman whose wedding I had photographed about a year before. She said, “Slava, I just had to call and tell you that our house burned down last night.” My heart dropped. I said, “Oh, Sara, I’m so sorry.”

Gary and Sara League City, TX

Thank God, Sara and her new husband were safe! She told me that one of the items they were able to save from their home was their wedding album! However, the custom-made dvd with all of their wedding day images and songs was left behind and destroyed. She was calling to ask (pun intended, she said) if I could “burn another wedding slideshow dvd” for them. Those photographs mean so much to them! Their loved ones are in those photos! The images contain a moment in time that can never be replicated! All of the love, romance, relationships and emotions of that day were captured in their wedding photos. The point of sharing Sarah’s story with you is to portray the importance and value of the right kind of wedding photography! I’ve shared this valuable information with you because I want the best for you! I want to help you. I am here for you. I am Slava G. Ivanov. Sincerely, Slava Ivanov