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Galveston, Texas

The history of Galveston’s Hotel Galvez is fascinating. The Victorian era Hotel Galvez was named after the Spanish Colonial governor, Bernardo de Galvez, who first chartered the Texas Gulf Coast and for whom the city of Galveston was named.

Adding to modern times’ history of Hotel Galvez is the wedding of Mandi and Russell.
“It was perfect!” said Mandi. “Our wedding carried our personalities. We were able to show those who care about us what we like, who we are, and how much we love each and every one of them.”
There is such a particularly romantic feel to the Hotel Galvez, and gorgeous locations galore for wedding photography; from the Parlours to the Promenade, the Ballroom to the Veranda, the Victorian Bridal suite to the rich, vintage ambiance. When searching for the right wedding venue, you know when you’ve found it – much like finding the right wedding gown, it just feels right.

Sometimes meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right happens when we least expect it! And even plans to pop the question can end up being spontaneously re-scripted!
Mandi & Russell met through a local young professional’s organization, Forum 35. They were both attending a project meeting for public education and were introduced by a mutual friend. When Russell was ready to propose, the jeweler called one afternoon to let him know that the ring he had ordered was ready. The call came just as Russ and Mandi were planning their evening activities. Russ answered, but tried not to let on to what the subject was as Mandi waited patiently for him to finish the call. After hanging up, Mandi asked Russ who had called. Not bring prepared for this question, Russell said it was the Dentist calling to confirm an appointment for Monday. After Mandi made a confused face, Russell waited about 10 minutes to confess that it wasn’t that Dentist, then asked Mandi if she would marry him. . .the truth was out: the ring was ready and the jeweler closed in less than 20 minutes. After a mad rush across town to pick up the ring, Mandi said yes!
With 50 special guests attending their wedding, “having our closest friends and family in Galveston to support and share their love with us” was the real treasure of Mandi and Russell’s day.

Then the happy couple spent their honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii, where “it was amazing”! Congratulations, Mandi and Russell! We wish you all the best in your married life as you make history together!

Hotel Galvez is my absolute favorite place to photograph weddingsBride is getting ready for her wedding ceremony to be held at Hotel GalvezBride leaving for the ceremony at Hotel GalvezI love to photograph at Hotel Galvez in Galveston TexasPhoto of a newlywed couple in front of hotel Galvez

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