The Aldin Hotel wedding photography

Ashley and Carter

Long distance love. We see it in movies or hear stories about it happening to other people.
No one really expects it to happen to themselves. Ashley was definitely not expecting to meet her future husband as a high school girl on vacation with her family in Jamaica! Neither was Carter, who was also there with his family vacationing. The connection they had from the beginning was strong enough that they did not want to lose touch with each other as they returned to their hometowns: Carter from Seattle and Ashley from Houston. For three whole years, they cultivated their long-distance relationship! Carter moved to Houston to be closer to Ashley, and to propose!

They had grown to know each other remarkably well despite the geographical difference. Carter planned a romantic day for Ashley filled with things that he knew she loved to do! They went shopping, to Central Market, a wine bar, and then home to cook dinner and eat outside on the patio. Carter knew that Ashley had always wanted a private proposal ~ just the two of them, and so that’s just what he did. (Nicely done, Carter!) It was fifteen months later, that these love birds were wed. Good things do come to those that wait! It was as if the distance and the years had slow-cooked this relationship to perfection! Ashley and Carter knew each other well, and knew exactly how they wanted to celebrate on their wedding day.

This stunning bride had 2 wedding gowns! The first one had a classic, timeless look that made her feel like Audrey Hepburn. She wore this for the 11am ceremony at the Annunciation Catholic Church in downtown Houston with only family members attending. She also wore this dress to the lovely luncheon that was held for their families at The Alden hotel. After lunch, the bride & groom, and their families rested for a few hours at The Alden.

Ashley changed into the second gown which (was more conducive for dancing) and the families joined around 120 guests at an evening cocktail reception with heavy h’orderves and lots of dancing ~ also held at The Alden. What a classy spot in downtown Houston to celebrate the union of these two lives! The five-star hotel Alden has contemporary banquet rooms that can be customized and a unique indoor /outdoor space known as “veranda by * 17” with views of the downtown area!

Ashley and Carter knew how to truly savor this momentous occasion! After literally celebrating all day surrounded by their loved ones, the newlyweds were off to Turks and Caicos Islands for their first ‘vacation’ (of many, I’m sure) as husband and wife!

our lovely couple posing after the ceremony after having brunch at Hotel Aldinbride getting ready at Hotel Aldin in the morningAnnanciation Churchlobby at hotel aldin couple sitting on the couchbeautifl set up for reception houston wedding photographer hotel AldinFirst dance at the reception at Hotel Aldin Houston TexasHotel Aldin wedding photography Houston Texas


  1. Cathy Duncan May 16, 2011 at 11:01 pm #

    From the mother of the bride – you did a beautiful job of both capturing all the special moments in a wonderful way, but perhaps most importantly, of not “taking over the day” with long posed sessions! The day wasn’t about the photography; it was about capturing the day :> Your balance of the two was perfect – and for that I thank you very much! You are highly recommended!

  2. Carol Darby Perth WA May 18, 2011 at 7:28 am #

    Beautiful images. You have a great eye for detail and I especially love your use of color. Great job.