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Galveston Beach Wedding photography

Wedding of Alex and Andrea!

Andrea and Alex met on St. Patrick’s Day in “The Tavern”. With the luck o’the Irish they found something far better than a pot of gold by finding true love in one another!
Andrea recounts what Alex calls her “only bold moment”; walking up to him because she ‘thought he was a hottie’ and POOF! they exchanged numbers and the ball was rolling!

Alex proposed to Andrea with an incredibly well-planned and executed set up! Way to go, Alex! He must have had the help of a leprechaun or two. 

“He took me to a nice restaurant (Vargos). We walked around the gazebos outside after dinner and I kinda had a feeling something was up. I was FREEZING so he says, “ohh, you’re cold, let’s go back home”. So we get in the car and go home…..I was thinking, “ohh crap! Maybe that wasn’t it….oh well…..” We got home and I noticed a single candle burning by our front door entrance. I got nervous b/c I thought I had left that lit during dinner…YIKES! However, as I walked up the stairs to our living room, the ENTIRE living, dining, and kitchen area (we live in a loft style condo) was COVERED with candles and rose petals…..EVERYWHERE! It was amazing! Then he proposed at the top of the stairs. Awesome!”

The lucky couple was engaged for 7 months before their romantic beach wedding on Galveston’s West End.
About 80 of their friends and family members gathered at the lovely setting on the sand to celebrate their union. Andrea looked simply amazing in her Ann Taylor wedding gown. A friend and co-worker of Andrea’s, Annie Sylvester, was her wedding day coordinator. She also made all of their delightful and delicious cupcakes!
Andrea told us that their wedding day was “a gift for us both. We couldn’t have had better weather, more beautiful water (background), or a better group to share it with. Very few people we invited declined coming…..we were honored. It was a stressful 7 months, but the day was AMAZING. We had so much fun and enjoyed that others also were having fun. The best day EVER! “
On their honeymoon, Andrea and Alex sailed away under the rainbow to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.
It was such a joy for SGI Photography to be a part of such a special couple’s wedding day! Thank you so much, Andrea and Alex!
Your down-to-earth, sincere love for each other made my job so fulfilling! ”May you be poor in misfortunes and rich in blessings!”(an Irish blessing)

Wedding photographer made this beautiful image of a young coupleNewlywed couple running on Galveston beach after the wedding ceremony

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