Christ United Methodist Church Sugarland Wedding Photography

Christ United Methodist Church
Sugarland Wedding Photography
Laura and Jon
Not long ago, I read an article about wedding trends for 2013. The name of city where the author was living should have been an immediate red flag, but I was open to hearing what other’s in the wedding industry believe will be popular in weddings for the next few years. Some of it was already common knowledge if you’ve attended any recent Bridal Show, but what felt like a slap in the face was the emphatic declaration on her list that “church weddings are out”. I laughed and reacted aloud that I could not disagree more! In fact, that claim should fall under the category of “The Most Ridiculous Trends”, right alongside of sending announcements to people who AREN’T invited to your wedding or requiring guests to have Botox done! Quite the opposite trend is happening around the world! There is a return to vintage, traditional and simple yet stunning church weddings. A great revival of church weddings is spreading ~ inspired by Great Britain’s royalty and popular TV series, i.e. Downton Abbey. Believe it or not, there are men and women who still honor and respect the holiness of matrimony! Couples are being married in churches every day around the world, and theirs is no less of a marriage ceremony than one held on a beach or in a swanky hotel. Traditional church weddings transcend ‘trends’. The most important part of planning your wedding is to celebrate in ways that are meaningful to you! NOT what some shock-jock said is ‘cool’ now for weddings.

Beauty in Traditions
I thought of a recent wedding I’d photographed of Laura and Jon in Sugarland. One of the happiest couples I’ve ever met. They met on a church retreat several years ago. They both grew up in Christ United Methodist Church of Sugarland. Like two young kids, they love to laugh and enjoy life. Laura was on a vacation with her family in Walt Disney World. Jon actually flew down to surprise her on their last day there, and proposed! Of course the wedding ceremony location they chose was the one most meaningful to them! Christ United Methodist Church is a beautiful facility and house of worship! To be united as one before the One who brought them together, in the place where they had come to know God and each other, surrounded by a couple hundred of their friends and family ~ why would they want to choose anywhere else?!?! Laura, coming down the aisle to Jon, standing at the very altar where they had heard so many messages about God’s love, now entering a covenant to love one another as man and wife……no wonder they were ‘happy beyond words’!

Something old and borrowed was a necklace that belonged to Laura’s grandmother. It had been a gift from her grandfather on their wedding day! Laura’s dress was new, and for something blue, she painted one of her toenails blue! She looked absolutely beautiful in her strapless ivory dress with beading on the bodice and appliqué flowers on the skirt.
Her flowers were red and champagne roses. Speaking of flowers, the sweet little flower girl ran out of flowers just before the end of the aisle. She wasn’t quite sure what to do, so she quickly ran the rest of the way to the altar!
The bride’s cake was a lovely 3 tier white cake with raspberry filling. The groom’s cake was chocolate, and decorated like a baseball field! There were pictures on the cake of the little league teams that Lori & Jon coached.

The newlywed’s advice to future brides and grooms? “Take time to enjoy your wedding day. It goes by so fast!”

It was my honor to be their wedding photographer.I really enjoyed creating beautiful portraits of Laura and Jon on their special wedding day at Christ United Methodist Church in Sugarland. They will be able to share them and reminisce with them for a lifetime. I pray God’s blessings on their marriage and future together!