Butler’s Courtyard League City Vintage Wedding Photography

Butler’s Courtyard League City

Vintage Wedding Photography

An All-American Love Story

Stephanie and Seth crossed paths at a softball fundraiser.
Seth was playing on the all men’s softball team (you know women perfected this sport!) while Stephanie was a volunteer coach for the 14 and under girls. Their Softball Association was holding their second annual fundraiser which involved the coaches playing on teams against each other. The association, however, did not have enough coaches, so they invited the men’s softball team to join in. Seth and Stephanie ended up being placed on a team together. As the team practiced a few times together prior to the fundraiser, everyone on the team was very sociable; everyone except for Seth.
“I thought he had a problem with having a girl on the team!” Just before the game began, a friend of hers told Stephanie that Seth kept glancing her way. She didn’t believe her and assumed that Seth thought a girl couldn’t play as well as the guys. “I was determined to prove him otherwise!” Unfortunately, she didn’t quite get to prove her skills in the end; their team lost every game that day! Seth thought Stephanie was very pretty, but also thought losing all the games that day had upset her. He obtained her email and phone from the registration email blast, and began emailing me and texting her. She didn’t mind, after all she thought he was pretty attractive!
Finally, Stephanie agreed to go on a group date with Seth, her younger brother and his girlfriend. It took Stephanie about 4 months to realize he was the one for her. Seth knew right away and waited patiently for Stephanie. After 3 years of dating, buying a house, going through 3 cars together, gaining a puppy, each of us losing a job, and now planning a wedding – Stephanie just found out recently, that on the day of the fundraiser at the softball field, Seth had told his friend that he was going to go meet his future wife!
To propose, Seth had several ideas rolling around in his head, but it got to the point that he couldn’t wait anymore! “I was so excited and the ring was burning a hole in my pocket!” There they were, one evening ~ watching TV on the couch; he started to cuddle, and then blocked Stephanie’s view of her favorite show! She grew irritated that she couldn’t see the tv, and asked him what he wanted?
Suddenly, he asked her to marry him!
The wedding planning itself seems to be the biggest challenge they’ve faced together.
“We can get through anything else in life when it’s just the two of us but when you plan a wedding; so many other people are involved it feels like a tug a war!” They feel that the secret to their happiness is that they never stop talking or laughing. They try not to take things too seriously, and have learned just to laugh instead!
Stephanie and Seth are so in love with each other!
“He is always making me smile and laugh. He loves me so much despite my flaws and wants us to be happy together!” ~Stephanie
“She loves me unconditionally. Neither of us is perfect and that makes it fun. I also appreciate that she is just as opinionated as I am!” ~Seth

Stephanie and Seth were married surrounded with love and laughter, friends and family. Their beautiful, vintage flared wedding was held in League City, Texas at the unique wedding venue; Butler’s Courtyard. Located in the heart of League City’s Historic District, and nestled under hundred year old oak trees, the recently restored Butler’s Courtyard is now a fantastic wedding and reception venue. Butler’s Courtyard is a very charming setting for wedding photography. Stepping into the gardens, gazebo, reception hall, and private retreats of Butler’s Courtyard is like stepping back in time.

Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple from SGI Photography!

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