Best wedding photos from The Gardens of Bammel Lane, Houston Texas

The Gardens of Bammel Lane,
Houston, Texas

Fate? Destiny? Divine appointment? What would you call literally bumping into a stranger who ultimately became your future spouse?! Love can blossom when and where we least expect it to! That’s what happened to Ashley and Scott one night in midtown. They were each with a group of friends who were dancing in a country western-themed bar. Ashley and Scott happened to be standing back to back, and because it was so crowded they kept bumping into each other. It became rather humorous as they started bumping into each other on purpose! Finally, Scott asked Ashley to dance and taught her how to polka! The flame that was ignited on that hot dance floor eventually grew into the passionate love they share today as husband and wife!

Proposal at The Gardens of Bammel Lane

Scott’s proposal was another wonderfully surprising moment for Ashley. Even though they had discussed getting married, and were talking about what kind of location they might want for their wedding, the official question was yet to be asked! A good friend suggested that they check out The Gardens of Bammel Lane in the River Oaks area of Houston. They discovered a quaint, lushly landscaped site with a romantic gazebo, an air-conditioned/heated English Garden Conservatory imported from London, Victorian lamps, wrought iron gates and a lovely fountain ~ all of which are lovely for wedding photography backdrops. They both loved the relaxed feel of the beautiful setting at The Gardens of Bammel Lane, and could imagine their family and friends surrounding them and celebrating there. Sitting down on a bench, Scott’s arm around Ashley, they continued visualizing how everything could be placed. What Ashley didn’t realize, was that in Scott’s other hand, he held a ring box. Suddenly, Scott kissed Ashley and said “I love you, and I want you to marry me!” Then he presented her with the magnificent engagement ring he previously had created just for her. And she said, “Yes!”

Wedding and Reception at The Gardens on Bammel Lane
Another thing that Ashley and Scott liked about The Gardens of Bammel Lane is that they were able to put their own touch into every aspect of the details. The Gardens of Bammel Lane does not require you to use any specific vendors. Everything from the specialty linens down to the personalized beverages was hand selected by the bride and groom!
It was a perfect wedding day for them and for their wedding photography! The weather for an outdoor ceremony at the gazebo in The Gardens of Bammel Lane was more than cooperative, the setting was gorgeous and the flowers spectacular! The cake (made by the groom’s cousin, Melissa Targac, owner of ‘Let Them Eat Cake’) was amazing and delicious,
the gown (Maggie Sottero’s ‘Poppy’; a strapless gown of ivory lace over light gold satin, with the train removed at the request of the bride to keep the evening easy and fun) looked stunning on a radiant bride, and the live 80’s band set just the right tone. A sharp looking bridal party, with the world’s most adorable ring bearer & flower girl (Scott’s awesome kids) were extremely photogenic according to the wedding photographer. Speaking of photos, one of the newlyweds’ favorite wedding day pictures is of them looking at one another in the receiving line. Speaking of the receiving line, once the ring bearer realized how the receiving line worked, he decided this would be a great opportunity to hug every pretty girl who came by! Surrounded by 150 of their friends and family members, Ashley and Scott could not have been happier!

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