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The Bell Tower on 34th in Houston, Texas is a one-of-a-kind wedding venue! If you are searching for a breath-taking location for an exquisite wedding celebration, this is the place. With professional staff and exemplary service, The Bell Tower on 34th is Houston’s premiere wedding venue.
The Bell Tower on 34 Houston wedding photographyt

Natalia and Asim know from experience, what a gem The Bell Tower on 34th is! SGI Photography was honored to be their wedding photographer, and they told us why they chose The Bell Tower on 34th as their wedding venue.


“Choosing wedding venue was the easiest part of planning our wedding.
I did my research online and read that the Bell Tower on 34th is one of the prettiest wedding venues in Houston.
 At the entrance, they play music that makes you feel like you are in a magical world. Once I walked in, I was stunned by how gorgeous this venue was. I felt like I was a little princess in a huge castle. Right then, I knew that I would have my fairy tale wedding here! Our favorite aspect of the Bell Tower was definitely elegant decor: high ceilings with chandeliers and marble throughout. The whole design of the Bell Tower is just gorgeous. You feel like you are in a palace!


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Their staff is very friendly and accommodating. Angie was our wedding coordinator. I had no idea how to plan the wedding, but Angie told me that she would help me all the way. She really guided me through the whole process. We really loved the service. Everyone was super nice and helpful. The food was delicious too. You don’t usually have good wedding food, but The Bell Tower’s chef is a five star chef! 

The Bell Tower has several rooms to choose from for the ceremony and reception. Also, the Bell Tower gives you good value for what you are paying. We never had to pay extra fees. Valet parking was complimentary, and gorgeous crystal flutes for toasting came with the package.
The candles throughout the venue for our ceremony and reception were totally worth what we paid for them. These candles added chic and elegance to our event.”

What a stunning and beautiful wedding day it was for Natalia and Asim! There was not a happier couple in the entire world that day!
Their passionate love story began when a mutual friend introduced them.
It was literally love at first sight! 

First dance at the bell tower on 34th street Groom posing at Bell Tower Houston photography Houston wedding photographer at Bell Tower on 34th street Houston reception photo from the bell tower on 34th street in Houston Wedding ceremony at Bell Tower on 34th

          “We knew that we belonged together the very minute we saw each other! After talking for two minutes, we felt that we had known each other forever! We believe that our match was made in heaven! The love that we have you can find only in fairy tales. Our eyes shine when we look at each other! We can’t live or breathe without one another.” 


Although Natalia and Asim felt like they were married in their hearts the moment they met, Asim proposed to Natalia on their third date!
“It was a lovely August evening. We were walking from dinner on the City Center Town Square. Asim asked me to wait for him by the water fountains on the Town Center Square and went to pick a flower from a nearby tree. He ran back to me and got down on one knee. Holding this simple flower, he told me how much he loves me and asked me to marry him. He swept me off my feet with this unexpected proposal! I said, “Yes!” and still have this flower kept pressed in a book to this day!”


On their wedding day, Natalia was a bit anxious before ceremony started.
My heart was beating so fast that I could hardly breathe. But then the doors opened and I saw Asim; I felt calm and happy! I felt like I was the happiest girl in the world! I just could not wait to hold his hand. When he took my hand, I felt that we were no longer two people but one!”


Asim’s heart started jumping out of his chest when he saw Natalia.
His bride looked like a true princess! He felt like he was the luckiest man in the world to be taking this princess to be his wife!
As Natalia walked down the aisle toward Asim, it was the most emotional moment for both of them. “We were about to give our lives to each other!”


50 guests witnessed the union of Natalia and Asim in The Bell Tower on 34th. Beautiful floral displays by ‘Weddings in Bloom’ surrounded them. Natalia was pretty as princess in her Vera Wang wedding gown.




When Natalia and Asim danced their first dance together as husband and wife, they felt like a prince and princess dancing in their palace!
“You know how they show Cinderella dancing with the prince in the fairytale? It was us!”
Of course, their honeymoon destination is the city of love ~ Paris!


Now, if you are hoping to have as wonderful of a wedding day as Natalia and Asim had, we suggest checking out The Bell Tower on 34th and following the happy couple’s advice:


send off from the Bell tower photographer

*Don’t stress out! Things can and will go wrong, but remember one thing: there is nothing more important and more precious than you two.
*Enjoy the day and each other.
*Breathe in every second of it and don’t pay attention to little things.
*Plan everything ahead.
*Try having your rehearsal dinner one week before the wedding day and rest the night before the wedding.
*Take it easy!
*Have fun planning your wedding.

Do a good job of researching, interviewing and hiring good vendors. *Develop a good relationship with your vendors. And let them do their job!!! Don’t try to tell them what and how to do it. They know how to do it! Your only job is to look pretty and enjoy the day!
*Start getting ready early (our ceremony stared at
 7pm but I started my makeup at 11am). This way you enjoy it all: your makeup, your hair, getting dressed, and taking pictures without rush.
*Have fun at your wedding. It’s your day!


Call your Houston wedding photographer about your next wedding at Bell Tower.