Ashton Villa wedding photography in Galveston Texas

Ashton Villa Wedding Photography, Galveston Texas.

The 1859 Ashton Villa in Galveston is a Texas Historical Landmark.
Built by Colonel James Moreau Brown, the three story Victorian mansion with Italianate style was the home of James and Rebecca Brown & their five children. Brown’s wife named the home in honor of her ancestor, Lt. Isaac Ashton, a hero of the U.S. Revolutionary War. The home has a rich history of social entertainment, surviving hurricanes and the American Civil war.
Ashton Villa was saved from demolition in 1971 by the Galveston Historical Foundation, which restored and refurnished Ashton Villa with much of the original furnishings and artwork. Ashton Villa in Galveston, Texas is a beautiful, historical venue to consider for your wedding ceremony and reception!
The moment I first saw this couple at the engagement portraits, I knew this was going to be an outstanding wedding! Pure love, laughter and romance simply oozes from this incredible pair! Michelle and Greg are fabulous individuals, and even more spectacular together as a newly married couple! Both are doctors heading into their residency, yet they are so down-to-earth and people-loving that the future of humanity is now much brighter! They can’t help but make everyone around them smile! The stunningly beautiful wedding ceremony and reception was held at the lovely Ashton Villa in Galveston, Texas. It was an honor for me to be a part of Michelle and Greg’s very special and fun-filled day! Below is my favorite images of the occasion! Best Wishes Always!