Married to a hero, Ashton Villa wedding photographer

Ashton Villa Wedding Photographer
Married to a hero

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was photographing this couple’s engagement portraits and I felt the sense of deep gratitude for these young folk’s service to our country. For Camille and Austin, the wait was finally over! Since Austin had just returned from serving overseas to his beloved bride, Camille, it was time to celebrate their covenant of marriage! They are so in love and have so much respect for one another. As I’ve said about them before, they embody the many reasons that our soldiers and the people who love them are extraordinary! Now that they were finally face-to-face after Austin’s deployment; embracing each other as husband and wife was more meaningful than most people will ever comprehend. The wedding ceremony and reception was as incredible as the two incredible individuals themselves! Held in Galveston’s stunning Ashton Villa, the elegant festivities unfolded.
The dashing groom in uniform and his beautiful bride exchanged vows before God, family and friends on the lovely May evening. It was my pleasure and honor to be their wedding photographer. May their love continue to grow as deep as the ocean, and as wide as the Texas sky!

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