Are you wondering how much time you need to allow for wedding photos on your wedding day?
The biggest misconception couples have about professional wedding photography is that they will only need a photographer during the ceremony, a few minutes between the ceremony and the reception, and during the reception until their big send off. As you make your decision about how long you’ll need a photographer on your wedding day, keep the following in mind….click the hotlink above.

beach-wedding-photographer.jpgkaty-wedding-photographer.jpgTuscany-villa-wedding.jpg079_SGI_8703.jpg027_SGI_8842.jpg035_SGI_8881.jpg438_SGI_9821.jpgGalveston_wedding_photography.jpgSGI_1180.jpg0278_SGI_0468.jpgCrystal-ballroom-wedding.jpg0024_SGI_7330.jpgSeabrook-wedding-photography.jpg0044_AlyJoey (88 of 264).jpg0044_SGI_1584.jpg0051_SGI_6416.jpg0200_SGI_7847.jpg0352_SGI_2389.jpg143.jpg9-10.jpgbride and groom.jpgDSCF0308_2.jpgfirst dance.jpgSGI_2155.jpg

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