What are bridal pictures  and why do them?

A bridal session is a portrait session of  just the bride in her wedding gown on a day typically prior to the wedding day.  Gaining in popularity, however, a bridal session can include the groom ~ also in his wedding attire. The bridal session can be a crucial full-dress rehearsal to help the bride ensure that her gown, hair and makeup appear in photographs the way she is hoping for. Practicing wearing the dress and accessories can help relieve some stress on the wedding day, and allows more time for other shots between the ceremony and reception. Typically the day of a bridal portrait session is a special day for the bride-to-be and her Mom! An extra-special mother/daughter day preparing  for the photo shoot, and then going out to lunch together afterwards!  The portrait itself will be useful and valuable in many ways. At bridal showers or the entrance to reception ballrooms, the portrait can be displayed on an easel to more easily direct guests towards the correct room. It will be a treasure for the bride’s parents after their ‘baby girl’ becomes a married woman, or as an heirloom portrait to pass onto future generations.  Would you like to learn a few tips for a great bridal session? Just click  the  hotlinks above…

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