Lakeside Country Club Wedding Photography

Lakeside Country Club of Houston, Texas
Wedding Photography

In April, I photographed the elegant wedding & reception of Nathan and Elizabeth. Their wedding nuptials were performed at St. John Vianney Catholic Church. Cocktails and h’ordeuvres were served immediately following the ceremony in the Crystal Lounge at Lakeside Country Club of Houston, Texas. Dinner and the rest of the festivities were held in the ballroom of the private Lakeside Country Club. The history of the property of Lakeside Country Club dates back to 1861, although the actual “Lakeside Country Club” was founded in 1951 as a private country club. The property of Lakeside Country Club near Buffalo Bayou and Pine Lake was a lovely setting for wedding photography.

Now, a little love story about our newlywed couple:

Elizabeth is one of 8 siblings. She played sports and attended Catholic schools while growing up. She dreamed of being a teacher. Nathan is one of five siblings. He enjoyed being outdoors and desired to be an engineer.
Although they each attended different universities, they both joined the Student Manager Organization of their respective schools that assists Notre Dame’s athletic department. As managers, Nathan and Elizabeth met and spent many hours talking and over the summer began texting one another from their home states of Texas and Michigan. It was during this summer of frequent texting that Elizabeth’s dad coined the phrase “Texasing”. Upon returning the next school year, the two began dating. Within 3 years, they were engaged! Nathan proposed to Elizabeth at Notre Dame’s Stadium locker room where he was a manager.

“When we arrived at the stadium, I ran ahead saying that I needed to use the restroom, but I really wanted to check on the video camera. Elizabeth proceeded to set up the recruiting display with the numbers 8 and 22 because we started dating on August 22nd, but she did not make the connection at first. While she was setting up the display, I snuck up behind her and knelt down on the monogram ND in the locker room. Her back was to me, and she had almost finished setting up the display before she finally turned around to ask me a question. When she did turn around her jaw dropped. I was kneeling there holding her ring. I told her how happy she made me feel and I asked her to spend the rest of her life with me…and she said yes!”



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