Galveston Wedding Photography Tall Ship Elissa

Galveston Wedding Photography
Tall Ship Elissa
Vintage Historical Wedding


Christen & Ben met at a local bar in Galveston, called ‘Tsunami’, where they were introduced by a mutual friend. Although Christen didn’t live in Galveston at the time, she did come down a few times a year to visit her aunt and uncle. They would introduce her and her sisters to people their age, so they made some friends in town. They also had an eye out for eligible bachelors. “Aunt Jean had already told me I should meet Ben (Oh, Christen, there’s this guy, Ben. He lives in a Victorian house by the beach, sails, and throws lots of costume parties), so when Dirk introduced us, I already knew I liked him.”


Ben turned out to be ‘the one’! His marriage proposal to Christen was romantic and memorable. “We were on our way out of town to my grandmother’s 85th birthday. Before we left the island, Ben said he wanted to go check the surf, so we drove to the beach closest to his house, and walked down to the water’s edge. I didn’t suspect anything, but Ben was being very lovey-dovey. I thought it was because he was trying to get out of the dog house for staying out drinking tequila shots with Dirk the night before while I was sleeping (turns out it was because he was telling all the guys how he was going to propose the next day). He’s all hugging me, telling me how much he loves me. Then he gets this really scared look in his eye. That’s when I knew what was coming. He got down on one knee, and that was that. it was great timing because we got to tell all my family in person.”
Their wedding ceremony was held in the church they attend in Galveston. Christen wore the wedding gown that her Great-grandmother made for her Grandmother for her wedding in 1952. “Both my Grandmother and Grandfather were in attendance, so it was really special.” As they first laid eyes on one another that day, Christen thought relief and comfort were the right words to describe that moment. “It was a very surreal moment, because it was a moment I’ve dreamed about my entire life. When I saw Ben it was a relief because I’d finally arrived at this moment and comforting because I was there with someone I knew and loved so well.” As Christen’s favorite hymn, ‘Be Thou My Vision’ was sung, she tried hard not to cry. “I believe it is particularly relevant for anyone entering a new chapter in their lives.”

For their wedding reception, size was a factor because they were expecting as many as 300 people. Few venues on the Island can hold that many. “We both sail, and love Galveston history, so the Texas Seaport Museum and the Elissa was a natural choice. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to throw a party on the State Tall Ship of Texas?”
The 135 year old, fully functional sailing ship built in Aberdeen, Scotland and discovered in Greece and restored in Texas, provided a dramatic backdrop for the photography. After Christen and Ben exchanged their wedding vows, the fabulous celebration began! Christen changed into a Nicole Miller dress which she found at a consignment store. (She loved that it was accommodating for her ‘crazy dance moves’!) Her first dance with Ben to ‘Nautical Wheelers’ by Jimmy Buffett, dancing with her Dad to ‘Whip It’ by Devo, the 100-man pirate sword fight on the decks of the Elissa, and seeing friends whom they hadn’t seen in years were some of their favorite memories. “I probably won’t have a collection of that many special people in one space ever again. That was really the best part.”
Galveston’s finest was on display with Mary Bass’ seamless wedding coordination, Bob Christenson exceeding expectations with Carriage Caterers by creating the wedding cake, floral arrangements, food and decorations, and the spectacular venue: the Texas Tall Ship Elissa on Pier 21. Everything was great! The vanilla wedding cake with buttercream frosting had just the slightest almond flavor. The flowers were tropical orchids, ginger blossoms and unique greenery that looked like they came from prehistoric times.


The happy newlyweds spent their honeymoon at The Iberostar Tucan resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. “We slept, lounged in the pool, drank margaritas, and chowed down at the all-you-can-eat buffet like true gringos. Not our typical vacation by any means, but it was a much needed respite from using our brains. I napped more in four days than in the past four years combined!”


Ben and Christen offer future brides and grooms the best advice we’ve ever heard! :)
“Trust Slava! He will make you stand in funny poses that feel real weird, but they will look great! But seriously, invest in the documentation of your day– whether through photos, video, or photo booths. We did all three and it was totally worth it. This is all you’ll take with you in the end. I can’t see a way to have gotten around the stress, anxiety, and responsibility of being a bride. So I’m glad I have something to show for all the work.”
Tall Ship Elissa wedding photography


The Lasker Inn Bridal Photographer

The Lasker Inn Bridal Photographer

One of my favorite settings for a bridal photoshoot is at The Lasker Inn Bed and Breakfast in Galveston, Texas. It’s one of the most elegantly restored event venues on Galveston Island. The luxurious Victorian decor and spacious accommodations of The Lasker Inn are perfect for beautiful backdrops. There are grand, yet charming rooms throughout this richly furnished gem. Floor to ceiling windows, romantic fireplaces, a wrap around veranda, antique furnishings, enormous mirrors and gorgeous tapestries. Endless possibilities for posing the bride in spectacular surroundings ~ resulting in stunning bridal portraits. The Lasker Inn Bed and Breakfast is also available for your romantic proposal, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, wedding guest and wedding party accommodations, as well as honeymoon and anniversary celebrations. Not only will the exquisite Lasker Inn impress you with it’s atmosphere, the hospitality and service of the staff and owners will astound you! For an unforgettable experience, consider allowing SGI Photography to create your bridal portraits or capture your wedding day memories at The Lasker Inn.

The Lasker Inn Bridal photographer



Agave Real/Agave Estates Wedding Venue Katy Wedding Photographer

Agave Real/Agave Estates
Wedding Venue
SGI Photography
Jess & Israel

Jess and Israel have a lot in common. They both share the same birthday (2 yrs. apart), had childhood years in Texas, have several siblings each, and they both joined the U.S. Navy. They met while they were both stationed in Corpus Christi, TX.
Israel proposed to Jess on Feb. 2, 2014 and she said, “Yes”!
“He bought the ring a couple weeks in advance and when he took me out for our birthday dinner, he proposed because he said he couldn’t wait any longer for me to be his. It was passionate and heartfelt!”
The wedding venue that Jess and Israel chose was Agave Real, one of three venue choices at Agave Estates in Katy, TX. Through Wedding Wire, they had browsed through many wedding venues. It was their all-inclusive package that really helped them make their decision. “Any bride with a budget can afford this venue, and there are fewer hoops to jump through. It was worth well over what we paid for it.”
SGI Photography has photographed weddings at Agave Road, the ‘flagship’ wedding venue of Agave Estates. However, this was the first time SGI Photography covered a wedding at Agave Real ~ and what an exquisite property it is! The design, materials, landscape and flow of Agave Real is aesthetically pleasing and creates a stunning backdrop for wedding photography. Huge, handcrafted wooden doors, flagstone patios, lush landscaping, flaming torches, and a mesmerizing accent pool create an elegant atmosphere with old-world charm. “The colors and the exclusiveness of it made it special. There were candles and torches everywhere ~ it was perfect!” Jess and Israel were also impressed with the service and bridal suite. “The bridal suite was awesome and the service was excellent!”

The beautiful bride was even lovelier in her gorgeous wedding gown. The handsome groom looked razor sharp in his Navy uniform. It was a joyous moment when they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day (which also happened to be both of their birthday). Israel was thinking that everything was just right, and that Jess exceeded all his expectations of beauty! Jess didn’t even have any butterflies, because she knew that her dad was giving her away to the right man. “The only one for me.” The most emotional moment of the wedding ceremony for Jess was when her Dad gave his speech. For Israel, it was when they said, “You may now kiss the bride”!
Although there were many memorable moments during the wedding reception, the newlyweds both agree that the highlight was “seeing all the people who had come to see us and talk to us. They also enjoyed the mashed potato bar. “Everyone should have one!”

The Details:
Cake: The bride’s cake was created by Edible Arrangements by Jessie and the groom’s ice cream cake (Green Bay Packer’s helmet and football field) by Baskin Robbins.

Flowers: Lovely orange Lilies and Picasso calla lilies were in the bouquets and centerpieces by Agave Brothers Floral
Photography: SGI Photography
Photobooth: Agave Brothers Photobooth
DJ: Ivan Rojas – Fancy Tie Events
Catering: Red River BBQ
Honeymoon destination: Vegas

Advice for future brides and grooms:
Israel – Remember, it is a marathon not a sprint!
Jess – Don’t try to plan at the last moment! It took me a year, and I still forgot stuff!
SGI Photography was extremely honored to be a part of your special day, Israel and Jess! Your Wedding/Birthday celebration was intimate yet spectacular at the same time! You are both incredible individuals! Now united in marriage, you are even more powerful as a team!

We thank you for your service to our country, and wish you all the best in the world!

Agave Real wedding photographer Katy Tx

Agave Real wedding photographer Katy Tx


Galveston Wedding Photographer historic Ashton Villa wedding

Galveston Wedding Photographer

Ashton Villa

SGI Photography LOVES Galveston weddings! The historical, one-of-a-kind venues blend well with the atmosphere of Galveston Island. No two weddings are alike! The people, places and parties bring out the best in this wedding photographer! See for yourself in this article about Ashton Villa on Galveston Island, and the wedding of Cynthia and Jeffrey.

SGI Photography LOVES it when couples get off to the right start from the very beginning!
Cynthia and Jeffrey met at church and were best friends for a while before finally admitting they were both in love. Jeffrey finally asked Cynthia on a date! His subsequent proposal took them back to a hiking trail ~  the place where they had gone on their first date. After Jeffrey proposed, he took Cynthia to the highest roof in the city so they could see the night-time city lights.  “He asked me to dance with him, with no one else around. It was magical!”


SGI Photography LOVES Ashton Villa! So did Cynthia and Jeffrey. “We loved Ashton Villa for the historic and elegant feel. Being surrounded by paintings and decorations from the 1800’s made us feel timeless, like our marriage and the joy we experienced there had no beginning and no end. It is located in Galveston, Texas and it is perfect because they have added a ballroom for dining and dancing, plus the entire house.” From a wedding photographer’s standpoint, Ashton Villa is a treasure-trove of classic and vintage portrait backdrops which help create stunning wedding photography.


SGI Photography LOVES to photograph the details! From the wedding gown to the flowers and cake, a wedding photographer should photograph the details you worked so hard to select for your special day.
They can be so sentimental, and a quality photograph can help preserve the memories of these items to enjoy and share with future generations.  Cynthia’s wedding gown was chosen with her mother and grandmother in mind.  “I chose an all-lace gown because my grandmother and my mother have always created beautiful lace tapestries, and I felt it was perfect with the vintage feel of the venue. I was lucky to find such a beautiful gown, and my grandmother made my lace jacket, which was perfect for the cold rainy weather on our special day.” The cake was made by her Uncle Armando, “who makes the best chocolate cake I have ever had. This was the first wedding cake he ever attempted, and it was the most beautiful gift I could have asked for.” For the flowers, she selected blush pink and white, with some greenery. “I have always loved simplicity, and I loved the tall glass centerpieces with the delicate flowers. My Aunt made all of them by herself. She also had never made wedding centerpieces.”


SGI Photography LOVES true love! As a wedding photography, it is imperative that the emotions and the ‘look of love’ on the bride and groom’s faces are captured. Cynthia and Jeffrey are truly in love. The sentiments were priceless. “When Cynthia first saw Jeffrey on their wedding day, she describes feeling a sense of  calm and peace. “This means a great deal because the whole day is chaos. But when I finally saw him, I felt a quiet assurance mixed with the greatest excitement to start our journey as husband and wife.”  When Jeffrey first saw Cynthia, he thought, “I made the right choice. That’s the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I win.” The most emotional moment of the day for them, however,  was when they spoke directly to each other during the ceremony. “Everyone else was there, but the words were meant for only us. I am pretty sure no one else knew what we were talking about anyway.”


SGI Photography LOVES wedding guests! There were 220 guests attending Cynthia and Jeffrey’s wedding celebration at Ashton Villa! They made the day unforgettable for this amazing couple. “ We most enjoyed seeing all of our most beloved friends and family looking so fancy and beautiful! They made our wedding day something we will never forget.”


SGI Photography LOVES Galveston! The history, the ocean, the beach, the Strand, the cuisine!
When a Bride and Groom are married in a Galveston Island venue, it only makes sense that they start their honeymoon in Galveston! That’s exactly what these newlyweds did! “We had two honeymoon destinations. The first one was right there in Galveston. We got to enjoy an ocean-view balcony honeymoon for a few days before our semester of classes started. Once school is out, we will be traveling to Italy, Austria and France to experience Europe for our first time, together.”


SGI Photography LOVES good advice! Check out this pearl of wisdom:

“Don’t worry about everyone else having fun, it’s your day and they are all so excited to celebrate with you! Just make sure YOU have fun, and that you have fun together every day for the rest of your life.”

Contact your GALVESTON wedding photographer about your wedding TODAY!

Ashton Villa Galveston Wedding Photographer


Bell Tower on 34th Houston Wedding photographers

Bell Tower on 34th
Houston Wedding Photographers.

Our Bell Tower on 34th clients are always fascinating people.

No two stories are the same.  Masha and Mike met at an information session for Mike’s company – Masha was looking for a job and Mike was recruiting!

Bell Tower on 34th couples are full of surprises. Mike’s proposal to Masha was during a surprise trip to NYC that was full of surprises. He popped the question at Shakespeare Garden in Central Park!
Bell Tower weddings are unique and can be customized.
“We tailored the ceremony to represent us so every moment would be special and meaningful. Saying our own vows may have been the best moment!”
The Bell Tower on 34th in Houston, Texas is a premier location for wedding photography. Discerning couples consider their wedding photography when selecting their wedding venue.  Masha and Mike realized at The Bell Tower on 34th, that everything would photograph well. “It was so grandiose and perfect for a very romantic high end affair.”

Bell Tower clients have great style and taste! Masha’s stunning wedding gown was Romona Keveza. The gorgeous flowers were created by Weddings In Bloom. The collection of macarons, cake balls and cupcakes were by Petite Sweets.

The Bell Tower brides and grooms are highly satisfied with their wedding day experience. Masha and Mike loved everything! From the magical moment when Mike saw his Bride walking towards him down the aisle with her dad, to being with the people they love, dancing and having a wonderful time at their wedding reception.
Bell Tower newlyweds are adventurous. Mike and Masha honeymooned in New Zealand and Australia for 3 weeks!

The Bell Tower on 34th Street married couples are wise. Mike and Masha want to remind future brides and grooms that “your wedding is a special moment that captures the love you two share, so be supportive and don’t let little things bring you down.”

Bell Tower Mike and Masah wedding photos