Maternity Photo Session: Family Style! Galveston family photographer


A maternity portrait session that includes the entire family is a fun and moving experience! It’s a special experience of family togetherness. It reminds us that each individual on planet earth did not arrive here alone. Relationships are part of who we are. Instead of a portrait of just the expectant mother, a family style maternity photo session includes the father, older siblings and possibly others who will have a significant role in this newborn’s life.
The recent maternity session I did with Shannon and her family is a perfect example of a family style maternity session.
Each photo tells a story. You can SEE the love. You can SEE the relationship between husband and wife, mother and child, child and father, siblings and their soon-to-be brother or sister!

The  Family Style Maternity Session is a wonderful way to commemorate the brief time that is left of a family of 3 just prior to welcoming a new addition and becoming 4! These are the ‘good old days’ that family and friends will look back on and reminisce about. “Look how excited we all were to meet the new baby!” Before you know it, the snapshots of the new baby will be taken a mile-a-minute, and the new chapter in your family’s life will begin. Why not preserve today’s moments for tomorrow, by scheduling your Maternity Session (Family Style!) today?! Mother, father and child posting in front of the camera during their maternity  photo session family styleGalveston family photographer working with family from Galveston Txphoto of a mother to be posing for photographer in Galveton Txportrait of a family and expectant mother in Galveton Tx

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