What to wear

Galveston on the Strand engagement photo

Engagement Galveston on the Strand

Engagement photo session.

The most commonly asked question prior to the engagement photo shoot is,
“What should we wear?”

We’re so glad you asked!

Please allow us to share the following tried and true tips with you!

Engagement Photo Session Wardrobe
~ a nice, solid color, button-up shirt with a collar which will frame the face
~ dark blue or black dress slacks or jeans
~ belt (optional)
~ a casual, dark colored suit without a tie
~ nice shoes or boots

~ a classic style, solid color, v-neck blouse with sleeves (short or long) which will elongate the neck and bring focus to the face
~ dark blue or black dress slacks or jeans
~ woman’s belt (optional)
~ a casual dress in a solid, rich color
~ nice shoes, heels or sandals
~ jewelry that accents the outfit, especially your new ring!

•Try to compliment each other’s outfit instead of ‘matching’ colors. For example, different shades of warm blues.

•Choose rich, solid colors that compliment your eye color. Stripes and busy patterns distract. Darker colors tend to slim.

•Go with sleek and fitted clothing instead of loose and baggy.

•Shirts and blouses with sleeves will turn out more flattering in photos than straps or sleeveless.

•Sweaters, turtlenecks, thick scarves and big watches can appear bulky.

•Wear comfortable clothing. Your discomfort may show on camera if your outfit is too tight or low cut.
Remember that you will be photographed in a variety of poses including walking and sitting.

Hair and Makeup Tips

•Keep hair and makeup simple and ‘you’. Save the dramatic for your big day!

•To appear more natural, haircuts should be done at least a week prior to the photo shoot.

•Outdoor sunlight will expose heavy foundation makeup. Less is best!

•Hands will also be focused on in the engagement session, so don’t forget a manicure!

•Houston-area humidity during outdoor photo sessions can be a challenge. Try ‘smoothing’, or ‘anti-frizz’ hair products to fight the frizz. Select light-weight materials for your clothing and apply anti-perspirant instead of deodorant.