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A common dilemma for newly engaged couples is deciding whether or not to do an engagement portrait session with their wedding photographer.  On one hand, the excitement of the recent ‘yes’ to the popping of the question has you willing to celebrate this monumental milestone in every way possible. However, your practical side might be causing you to consider skipping this session or having a friend take a few snapshots. Please consider the following to help in your decision making! 


The Engagement Session; To Do or Not To Do


There are valuable benefits to having SGI Photography take your engagement portraits. This is one of the most important steps to ensuring a positive experience on your wedding day. As a couple, you will get to know your wedding photographer better, and vice versa ~ which will ultimately help result in the stunning wedding day photos that we’re all aiming for!


•Unless you’re accustomed to working with a professional photographer, having your portraits taken in a public setting can be unnerving. Your wedding day is not the time to feel uncomfortable while your photographer is trying to capture your special moments!

•The engagement session allows both of you to become more comfortable in front of the camera and builds a personal relationship with your photographer, establishing  trust and familiarity.

•During the engagement photo session, you’ll have a fun time as you are casually taught to pose and your photographer gains a better knowledge of your personalities and best expressions! 

•After working with SGI Photography for your engagement session as well as your bridal portrait session, by your wedding date ~ instead of ‘the wedding photographer’ showing up, you’ll feel like a family friend has arrived to share in your joyous occasion!

•Another benefit to the engagement photo shoot is that you will be able to view your photos online and see how great you look! This increases your confidence as models as well as in  the capabilities of your wedding photographer.

•You will have ample time to communicate clearly about your photography style preferences so that SGI Photography can be sure to implement those same techniques on your wedding day. 

•With the experience of an engagement portrait session by SGI Photography, you’ll benefit by having much less to stress about on the day of your dreams!