Family Portrait on Galveston Beach

Family Portrait Sessions
Galveston, Texas
SGI Photography

Did your summer fly by as fast as ours did? All of a sudden, we woke up one morning and it was time to take the traditional ‘first-day-back-to-school’ photos! The kids seem to have grown a foot taller, and we have all grown a little older and wiser! Now if we could just sneak in a family portrait session while everyone has nice-looking haircuts and fresh-school clothes! Why not?!
If you spent the summer actually enjoying it, you may not have gotten everything on your ‘to-do’ list finished. Did you want to have a professional portrait session taken over the summer? It’s not too late! In fact, as our heat and humidity subsides over the next several weeks, it may even be the BEST time! Consider taking the family on a day-trip over your next free Saturday or Sunday to regroup with the family away from school-related activities, and try to squeeze in one more ‘summer-ish’ moment! A picnic or play day on the beach? Half-price tickets to the new Pleasure Pier on Galveston Island? While you’re there, why not have SGI Photography capture your family portrait so that you can treasure those memories long after the ‘back-to-school-days’ are over!
What if you can’t seem to convince your spouse to not just have the kids’ pictures taken, but to have the whole family photographed together? Perhaps they have had a bad experience in the past with stiff, stuffy ‘Olan Mills’ style family portraits. I don’t know many people on this planet who actually look forward to those types of portrait sessions. Maybe they have never experienced a fun, family-friendly, outdoor portrait session with SGI Photography!
The Deleon family got their awesome bunch together and took a short trip to make some great family memories on Galveston Island. They scheduled ahead with SGI Photography to top it all off with a fun family portrait session! They not only LOOK like they were enjoying themselves, they actually were!
And isn’t that what family portraits should really be about; enjoying our family members and the time we have together?! We look forward to setting up your next family portrait session in Galveston and making sure you love the results.