Vintage Inspired Galveston Engagement Photography

Vintage Inspired Galveston Engagement
Engagement Photography
Galveston, Texas

     “Come take my hand and walk with me
               we shall stroll our island by the sea
                       we shall talk of life and what’s to be
                             as I gaze into the loving eyes of thee . . . .”
                                    ~from the poem ‘Come Take My Hand’ by Sherri Havens


A good, old-fashioned stroll along the shore, or through the strand district of Galveston Island is the perfect way to have your engagement portraits taken by SGI Photography! There is a sense of stepping back into simpler times, slowing down and actually enjoying the experience. A photograph of a couple in love, holding hands while walking on the beach can seem so timeless.  Portraits I recently took near the ‘Old Quarter’ and the old Peanut Butter Warehouse (now the Peanut Butter Lofts) inspire a vintage feel.


 Vintage style engagement photography in old historic GalvestonVintage engagement photography in Galveston Texas

Vintage photography on Galveston beachVintage inspired engagement photography in Galveton Texas

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