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Brandi and Ryan’s Equine Engagement Portrait Session was one of the highlights of  2011 for SGI Photograph. SGI Photography was thrilled when asked to do their engagement portraits – and that it would involve HORSES! Equine photography combined with an engagement session? Yes, please! SGI Photography doesn’t have to be asked twice! The photo session was a blast! With Brandi’s beautiful four-legged friends and this fun-loving couple, the results were outstanding! Now, this is fine Houston, Texas Equine Photography if I do say so myself!

Brandi and Ryan met through a mutual friend a couple of years ago. They became good friends before they began seriously dating each other. Within 6 months of dating, Brandi and Ryan became engaged! The proposal itself is quite an eventful story – we asked them to share it with all of us. You’ll LOVE this one!

Mid- march on a Wednesday 2011,  Ryan took me out to dinner. It was after a rough day at work, ironically.
In the meantime, my roommate was setting up our apartment with food and decorations and having my friends meet there. After dinner when we got home, he parked in an abnormal spot but I decided I wouldn’t ask any questions for a few months because I was kind of aware of the proposal happening but had no clue when.
I walked into the apartment which was dark naturally, but as I walked down the hallway something seemed weird and then I saw a glimpse of a chair out of place and then I knew something was up.
The lights turned on with everyone saying surprise. I KNEW THEN what was happening and I started screaming as if I had won the lottery- haha!
With all the excitement Ryan got down on his knee and said something like “Well will you marry me?”
I believe I had made him nervous and kind of messed up what he was going to say because he couldn’t get me to settle down. I was bouncing all over the place! I was still in total shock and excitement and I took the ring out of the box and started running down the small entry hallway, but then I  realized what I had done,  so I ran back to him saying, “Sorry!” and gave him a big hug and kiss with a “Yes!!!”  
Everyone had to ask again to say, “Ummm, did she say yes?”  because they couldn’t hear my answer with me acting so hyper. It was EXTREMELY hilarious! I was on cloud 9 for the next few days!
Luckily, it was videotaped, and it is soo much fun to watch and remember that night still today.
Forever memorable; which is the way Ryan wanted it to be. It was a huge success!

During their year-long engagement, this very happy couple has been busy planning the wedding of their dreams. Details are still falling into place and we can’t wait for them to finally tie the knot in 2012! We’re so excited for you, Brandi and Ryan!  Your adventure of a lifetime is about to begin!

 It was our pleasure to photograph Brandi at thire ranch for her engagement sessionEquine photography is our passion, we love photographing horses

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