Best Galveston Texas Engagement Photography

Galveston Texas Engagement Photography

Recently, I had the quite an eventful day ~ two engagement sessions and one maternity session  in Galveston, Texas!
It was a very windy day that was partly cloudy in the morning and an overcast sky in the afternoon. Being a wedding photographer you learn that you don’t have much control over the weather when you are shooting outdoors on location. Elizabeth and Peter were the first happy couple that  morning. They had driven 4 hours from St. Marcos, Texas that morning to do their engagement session and had to make the 4 hour drive back home the same day! Once in a while I get clients who like some of the same things I do, such as certain unusual off-road spots with colorful backgrounds that Galveston Island has to offer. Thank you guys for the fun time we had climing those rusted steps behind the buildings! Elizabeth and Peter are planning a wedding at Tremont House Hotel in May of this year and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding!
My second couple, Meghan and TJ, are planning a lovely wedding for July in League City, Texas. I photographed them in the afternoon. By then, the sky had become quite dark and I was a bit concerned about the lighting by the time we got to the beach. Needless to say the water was not blue, however, I was able to capture those awesome ‘flying’ shots of TJ picking up Meghan in the air. I absolutly love the clean white sky as the background and them having a blast! Some of those photos will make it on the first page of their wedding album, I’m sure! Below are a few of my favorites from both sessions.

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