Galveston Engagement Photography

Allissa and Mitch – Engagement Photography in Galveston.

When a newly engaged couple is as fun, prepared, and flexible as Allissa and Mitch, you’re guaranteed to have an ideal engagement portrait session! They already knew that they wanted their engagement photos to be taken in Galveston, yet they were open to a few of my suggestions and didn’t mind a little fancy footwork down the Strand!
A casual meeting while going out to celebrate a mutual friends’ birthday, grew into the fantastic flame of love that Allissa and Mitch share today! One might be surprised to learn that Allissa’s first impression of Mitch was that he was “so cute and confident, but he seemed a little nerdy”! Perhaps Mitch’s nerdy persona was really the tip of the iceberg to the deep wisdom inside.
Only a very wise man would describe his first impressions of his wife-to-be as being ‘sexy, spicy, and way out of my league’! Now get ready to say ‘awww”: they both love the heart of compassion that they see in one another! Allissa especially treasures Mitch’s patience (aka ESP for her), while Mitch cherishes her work ethic and smile.
Traveling through life and traveling the globe together seemed to clarify that they were meant to be together. They became engaged while in Barcelona, Spain! Mitch dropped to one knee and asked Allissa to marry him!
Every couple faces challenges, and like Galveston, Texas must weather the storms of life, overcome obstacles and grow stronger! Working on a relationship while working full-time AND working on an MBA is a big challenge! Getting his work done and getting Allissa to let him do his work were big hurdles that they have overcome! Thank you, Allissa and Mitch, for sharing your engagement story, and for sharing some of your secrets to a happy relationship: Quality Time and Date Nights! We look forward to sharing your wedding day, and capturing every special moment of it!