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Rachel and Sam

Lyrics from the popular Taylor Swift song “It’s a love story, baby, just say Yes!” run through my mind as my clients tell me their own unique love stories about how they met, fell in love, and became engaged to be married! Love stories never get ‘old’. They are the foundation that a married couple’s story will be built on. Down the road, it is extremely important that the story of how two hearts came together as one be remembered and retold over and over. It not only fans the flames and keeps the fire burning in a relationship; it inspires and comforts others on their journey towards true love.

As you read this love story recently shared with me by my clients, Rachel and Sam, and enjoy their engagement portraits I took on Galveston Island, remember to reflect on your own love story and treasure your special memories!

Rachel and Sam met in high school. They met in Sophomore English class to be exact!
When Rachel first met Sam, she thought he liked her best friend at the time. It turned out that although they had been friends since middle school, Sam actually liked Rachel instead! Sam thought Rachel was very cute! Before long, the two lovebirds could tell what each other was thinking by just looking at one another, without saying a word! They knew they were meant to be together forever! One day, while Sam was in Rachel’s dorm room, he popped the question! It wasn’t a big production, but it was absolutely perfect to them. As a writer, Sam admittedly tends to overanalyze things. He loves that Rachel tolerates his “lucid analyses”. Rachel loves how Sam can make her laugh! “We have many inside jokes that keep us laughing in any situation.” In spite of them both being hard headed and strong willed, they have wisely learned which battles not to pick with each other! Their ‘secret’ to a happy relationship is to focus on open communication. They tell each other everything. No secrets are kept between them. “This allows for the ultimate amount of trust between us.”

Photographing this newly engaged couple on Galveston Island was a lot of fun. They have a great chemistry between them that truly shines through in their engagement portraits. SGI Photography wishes them all the best as their love continues to grow. Happy wedding planning!