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Butler’s Courtyard League City Wedding Photographer

Butler’s Courtyard
League City
Wedding Photographer

League City, Texas may not be the first place that comes to mind when planning your dream wedding, but if you are a Texan or a Texan at heart, it should! Located half-way between Houston and Galveston, conveniently near I-45, the historic district of League City is a picturesque Texas hot spot! League City is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for engagement and bridal portrait sessions. A wide variety of elegant, rustic, country club or western-style venues are available for weddings and receptions. Originally developed around the Butler family’s Ranch on Clear Creek, League City was the birthplace of the Butler Longhorn bloodline.
One area in particular along Main Street near League Park has been beautifully preserved and renovated to accommodate an ideal Texas wedding; Butler’s Courtyard. Butler’s Courtyard is a collection of cottages, gazebo and ‘great hall’ inside the restored brick building from 1908. 100 year old majestic oak trees surround the property. Butler’s Courtyard now serves as a fantastic wedding venue that offers outdoor and indoor spaces for a unique wedding ceremony and/or reception.

SGI Photography captured the magical moments of Jennifer and Jeff’s wedding in League City at Butler’s Courtyard. When searching for the perfect wedding venue, Jennifer and Jeff wanted to have an outdoor wedding and fell in love with the intimate charm of Butler’s Courtyard. “The ambiance is elegant and beautiful, the staff is wonderful, and they handle the coordination of a lot of details. If there is a glitch in any detail, the staff handles it seamlessly!”
Jeff is a native Texan, but Jennifer is from Boston. They met in a country-western dance hall of all places and Jeff asked Jennifer to dance. She said she didn’t really know how, but Jeff persistently asked two more times until she agreed to dance with him! Like a good country boy, he spoke from his heart when he eventually asked Jennifer to marry him. He got down on one knee and said, “I’ve been thinking of a million ways to do this, but… it’s plain and simple… I don’t want to wait another day without asking you to spend the rest of your life with me.” That was next to the bottle of vino and desserts he had waiting for her after work before they headed to the airport on a vacation. A couple of months later, Jeff wanted to have her diamond placed into a different setting and when the ring was ready he baked her a three tiered wedding cake from scratch and had the engagement ring dangling from a statuette on top. He asked her to marry him all over again! Looks like this could become an anniversary tradition for Mr. and Mrs. Romance!
On their wedding day at Butler’s Courtyard, there were two equally emotional moments ~ when Jennifer saw her dad waiting at the foot of the stairs to walk her to meet Jeff, and when she and Jeff were reciting their vows. The song “At Last” by Etta James expressed how Jeff and Jennifer felt when they first saw one another at the wedding ceremony. “We both waited to find each other and are so happy we did!” Such a happy and emotional moment!
The beautiful bride wore the Bella Deur gown ‘Ella’ and a bolero created by a seamstress, the flowers were by Clear Lake Flowers, and cakes created by Cake by Jula. 100 guests celebrated their union in the elegant and intimate reception hall while the dj played all the right songs. Everyone said they had such a great time! Since family members had flown in from out of town, they wanted to enjoy spending time with their company after the wedding. That means the tropical and relaxing honeymoon is soon to be. Have fun, you two lovebirds!
If you are still in the planning stages of your wedding, take these pearls of wisdom from these newlyweds: Enjoy this time in your life! Breathe…Take it all in and remember that it’s about your love and starting your future together!


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Tallowood Baptist Church Houston Wedding Photographer

Tallowood Baptist Church

Houston Wedding Photographer

Houston is an outstanding city for wedding photography. There is such a wide variety of settings and venues that can satisfy even the most particular needs and desires of brides and grooms to be!
When searching for your wedding ceremony and reception locations, consider how meaningful the location is to you, and how the location will affect the results of your wedding photography.
When searching for your wedding photographer, read the reviews and experiences of past clients.
SGI Photography is honored to be a highly-recommended Houston wedding photography service.
SGI Photography aims for our clients to cry tears of joy when they see the results of their wedding photography. It is a joy for us to experience and capture some of the most emotional, memorable moments of people’s lives with them. Please enjoy browsing through the testimonials on our website, and wedding day/love stories from the newlyweds who have trusted us with their wedding photography needs.

Tiffany and James were extremely fun folks to work with! They are head-over-heels in love with each other, and it shows! Tiffany “can’t even imagine going through life with anyone else besides James”! James proposed to Tiffany by taking her on a surprise trip to Disney World! “James flew to Houston a day early before we were going to Vegas and surprised me at home with a trip to Disney World!! I freaked and was completely surprised.”
Tiffany grew up in Tallowood Baptist Church of Houston. It was a meaningful place for her to exchange wedding vows with James. Tiffany has wonderful memories at Tallowood, but she says it is also a very beautiful church building with an amazing staff, and it was just the right size for their wedding celebration.“I would recommend Tallowood to any bride and groom.”

Tiffany’s wedding gown was a beautiful tulle dress by Alvina Valenta. “I highly, highly recommend Weddings by Debbie. The staff is incredible!  Jean was my wedding consultant and she made saying ’yes’ to the dress such an ease and made dress shopping an enjoyable and exciting adventure!”
When Tiffany first saw James on their wedding day, she was nervous! In fact, she admits that she was ‘way more nervous’ than she thought she would be! And walking down the aisle to her groom waiting for her at the altar was the most emotional moment in their wedding ceremony.
Of course, having all of their favorite people together in one room at the wedding reception meant the world to James and Tiffany! Also, dancing together and “rockin’ it on the dance floor” with their guest was a great time! Thankfully, the dance lessons they had taken prior to the big day helped ease their anxiety about dancing in front of everyone!
Both of their delicious cakes were made by “Who Made the Cake”, and the flowers by “Flowers N More”. “Flowers can transform a room, and our flowers did just that and more!”
James and Tiffany decided to go cruising for their Honeymoon. They boarded the “Freedom of the Seas”; a Royal Caribbean ship, for a 7 night cruise to the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. “We had a blast and made so many unforgettable memories! It was so fabulous and we can’t wait to cruise again!”
If you are a planning your wedding, take this happy couple’s words of wisdom:
1. Breathe!
2. Take it all in! It may be an overly-used statement, but it really is so true! It all goes by so fast, and you only get to do this once!
3. Read reviews! Read up on potential vendors.
 And finally….
4. Have FUN! You are getting married! This is supposed to be a fun and wonderful occasion, so smile, laugh, enjoy and don’t forget to take everything in!

Houston-wedding-photographer-tallowood-baptist Bridal-Tallowood-Baptist-Church-photographyWedding-couple-leaving-tallowood-baptist-church Tallowood-Baptist-Church-wedding-photographer Reception-at-brennans Brennan-wedding-reception-photographer


The Tascany Villa Katy Tx wedding photography

The Tuscany Villa in Katy, Texas
Wedding Photography

The Tuscany Villa topped Houston’s ‘A-list’ for wedding venues in 2013. This premier wedding venue is highly spoken of by brides, grooms and wedding guests! The classy, upscale look to the grounds and facilities of The Tuscany Villa are a wedding photography plus! Newlyweds rave about how well they were treated by the outstanding staff of The Tuscany Villa, and that the coordinators made them feel the way they should on their wedding day! The old-world charm and modern luxury collide into a spectacular setting for wedding photography! The reasonably priced packages make The Tuscany Villa an even more attractive venue for weddings, receptions, private parties or other events.
Nazly and Matt were searching for a wedding location that was elegant and very intimate. They found what they were looking for at The Tuscany Villa. “We also loved the personnel! They were so helpful with everything from the beginning and gave us the wedding we always dreamed of!” Their experience with all of the vendors at The Tuscany Villa was very positive. For everything that was included, this happy couple was very pleased with the great results!
Before Nazly and Matt exchanged vows at The Tuscany Villa, the journey to their wedding day began 4 years earlier while playing a game of volleyball in Dallas. It was in a park next to one of their favorite coffee shops that Matt proposed to Nazly. “It was so beautiful!”
On her wedding day, Nazly wore Maggie Sottero’s ‘Priscilla’ gown. The first time she saw her beloved husband-to-be on their wedding day, she felt very relieved! It had been after a long day of anticipation and being apart. During the touching exchange of their wedding vows, Nazly remembers seeing tears in Matt’s eyes.
150 guests witnessed and celebrated the marriage of Nazly and Matt.
Nazly’s aunt handmade all of the décor! She even designed all of the flower arrangements herself! “Everything turned out perfect and looked amazing!”
Their wedding cake was made by Jessie from Edible Designs. “It was amazing!”
What the newlyweds enjoyed the most during their wedding reception at The Tuscany Villa was having everyone on the dance floor together with them! “That made it a night to remember!” Soon, they were off on their honeymoon cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.
Reflecting on their experience of wedding planning and the big event itself, Nazly and Matt offer the following words of wisdom for future brides and grooms: Don’t worry about the small details! They aren’t important, and they aren’t what you will remember. Just relax, enjoy the day, and laugh about the small things that may go wrong!

Katy-Tuscany-Villa-Wedding-photos Katy-Wedding-Photographer Photographs-Tuscany-Villa The-Tuscany-Villa-wedding-photographer Tuscany villa Tuscany-villa-Katy Tuscany-villa-reception-photographer Wedding-photos-from-Tuscany-Villa-wedding-venue


Texas A&M Memorial Student Center Wedding reception

Memorial Student Center
Texas A&M University
Wedding Reception Venue

We just got our 4 children off to their perspective schools today. We have one child in elementary, one in intermediate, one in high school, and one starting college! After our ‘boo-hoo brunch’, it was time to get back to work. It’s hard not to think about how fast the kids are growing!

It probably seems like just yesterday that my clients, Katherine and Brad, were in high school. They actually met one another when they were a freshman and a sophomore! They’ve been together ever since! Brad proposed to Katherine after a romantic dinner. He took her to one of their favorite parks where they frequently took walks together. About halfway through their romantic stroll, Brad said that he had a question for her. Then he got down on one knee! It was a really sweet and private moment.

Katherine and Brad were married in the beautiful church that Brad grew up in. It made the wedding ceremony extra special to them. They both graduated from Texas A&M and were excited to include this part of their lives by having their wedding reception at the recently remodeled Memorial Student Center. It was the perfect location for the reception. It looks amazing! They also loved the dressing rooms, elegant décor, the landscaping and the great service for the 175 wedding guests.

Katherine looked beautiful in her gown by Bill Levkoff; Kalea. The floral designer was Post Oak Florist, and the cakes were made by Cakes by Blondie.

As Katherine saw Brad for the first time on their wedding day, she was really happy and nervous at the same time. “While I was walking down the aisle, at some points I was fighting back tears and had to look for just a moment at my brother and sister, who were both in the wedding party, so I wouldn’t cry.” Brad was absolutely speechless at how amazing Katherine looked! He was also “proud and happy that she was going to marry me”.
The most emotional moment for Katherine during the ceremony was when her dad gave her away. “My whole family is very close so this moment was really meaningful and emotional for me.” Brad got emotional right before he entered the sanctuary and when he saw Katherine start walking down the aisle!

“Being in the midst of all the people we love the most at our wedding reception was the most fun! We loved seeing everyone having a great time and really enjoying themselves.”

The newlyweds set off for their honeymoon in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. “We loved it!”
Take note of this wonderful couple’s advice for brides and grooms to be: This is supposed to be fun so let it! Don’t get caught up in making everything perfect because no one will remember the little things anyway.”
Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us and letting SGI Photography be a part of it!
Blessings on your married life, Katherine and Brad!



The Green Event Center Friendswood Wedding photographer

The Green Event Center
Wedding Photography
SGI Photography

Young Love

Warning: If you are a parent of teenagers, you may want to skip reading this article completely. However, if you are a hopeless romantic or believer in young love, by all means continue!

You know that guy in your 9th grade English class. No, not the one with the ego as big as the sun, the one you had a crush on with the dreamy eyes! The one you daydreamed about marrying while the teacher read Shakespeare aloud to the class? Did you doodle his name all over your notebooks, or secretly write out your full name in pencil on at the top of your page with ‘Mrs.’ in front of your first name, and HIS last name as yours ~ just to see how it would look in writing ~ and then erase it quickly before miss nosey in the seat next to you had a chance to see it? Sigh! Young love!

How about you guys, do you remember the girl who sat across the room from you in your freshman year of English? The one who made you feel like a million bucks by simply smiling at you as you read your book report out loud to the class. The one who smelled like heaven as she walked by your desk to turn in her test paper. Did you take half of the semester to work up the nerve to say something to her? And when she replied, you felt like you could fly!
Or make a point not to let your buddies know how much you were head over heels for her so they wouldn’t give you a hard time at practice?
BIG sigh! Young love!
Erik & Libby met in their 9th grade English class. However, it wasn’t until just before their Senior Prom that they actually started dating! Awww, young love!
In the months approaching Libby’s 22nd birthday, she had been talking about her desire to go horseback riding. For her birthday, Erik made two of her dreams come true. He took Libby to a place where they could go horseback riding on a trail ride. Along the way, Erik dropped his bandana that had been provided by the riding place. He went back to look for it, and was gone for what seemed like a long time. Suddenly, Libby turned around to see Erik down on one knee pulling out a beautiful engagement ring! “It was super sweet, and caught me 100% by surprise!”

These high school sweethearts were now engaged and planning their dream wedding. They chose to say their wedding vows in Erik’s home church. It had the added historical bonus of both his parents and brother getting married there. Libby found her wedding gown at Impression Bridal, with the help of her consultant, Debbie. The exquisite gown was the exact wedding dress that Libby had always wanted!
The Green Event Center held their wedding reception. The fact that everything was included in the cost, without having to commit to their contracted providers really was the selling point. “The Green Event Center made everything so easy and stress free!” One of Libby’s friends had been married there and spoke highly of the wedding venue. The size of The Green Event Center was exactly what Erik and Libby needed. There was room for a bar and buffet area that was out of the way, and did not take up room for their 110 guests to sit or dance. The design of The Green Event Center happens to be a great place for wedding photography. The rooftop garden is one of its lovely features.
The wedding cake was included with the package at The Green Event Center. It was made by Julie Moncrief. She makes her cakes out of her house and they are extremely delicious. “She was able to recreate a cake that I found online and it was absolutely everything I could ask for!”
All of the flowers were done by a family friend; Stephanie Putnal-Rodriguez. She also does her work out of her house, and worked with Libby to give her exactly what she had in mind.
Erik and Libby described seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day as being nothing short of pure joy and excitement! Declaring their wedding vows and the readings which their grandmothers prepared for them were the most emotional moments of the ceremony for Erik and Libby. At the wedding reception in The Green Event Center, Erik and Libby said that best part was getting to spend time with their friends and family! The DJ also provided a great mix of music for fun and dancing. And finally the young newlyweds took off to beautiful St. Lucia – Sandals La Toc for their honeymoon.
If you are planning the wedding of your dreams, take wise piece of advice from Erik and Libby: Don’t stress out. Little things will go wrong here and there, but if you stress out you won’t be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful events of your life!