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Lakeside Country Club Memorial United Methodist Church Houston Wedding Photography

Lakeside Country Club Memorial United Methodist Church Houston Wedding Photography

The Couple

Lauren & Cole met at the public accounting firm they both used to work at. Although they never worked together, they did notice each other at events and passing by one another in the office. It wasn’t until a going away happy hour for a mutual friend that a conversation was struck up, and boy did they hit it off! Cole asked Lauren out to dinner and the rest is history!The Proposal

Cole’s marriage proposal to Lauren was truly like a fairytale. “I was assigned on an international work trip in London so Cole and I planned a week long Europe trip for fun the week before. We traveled to London, Paris, and Amsterdam. The proposal happened in… you can guess where… the one and only romantic city of Paris! We were near at the Trocadero Fountain right next to the Eiffel Tower. We had just finished a nice dinner and had walked to the Eiffel Tower. I thought we were aimlessly walking around until Cole asked a random person to take as many photos of us as she could in 5 minutes. Next thing I know, he was down on one knee!”

The Venue

The wedding ceremony was held at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church.
For the wedding reception venue, Cole and Lauren really liked Lakeside Country Club.
“First and foremost, because it is absolutely beautiful! It has a feel like you are in a different city that isn’t Houston. The outdoor area is so gorgeous. My mom and I loved the spanish moss. Also, the size could hold a larger wedding and we knew ours would be a pretty big one (275 guests). The people we interacted with were also really great.”

The Details

Gown: Jenny By Enzoani. Purchased at Brickhouse Bridal.

Cake: Cakes by Gina. Bride’s cake was a white cake with amaretto and raspberry filling. Groom’s cake was a yellow, butter cake with chocolate filling.

Flowers: Donna Senter from The Senterpiece. Colors were light pink and light yellow. The bouquets were a pretty mix of these colors and a little bit of coral for a pop of color. Bride’s bouquet was lighter than the bridesmaids’ bouquets and had a few white tulips in it. Tulips were the bride’s favorite flower.

The Moments

Lauren was so happy to finally get to see Cole on Saturday. “I missed him all day! Though I had plenty of fun getting ready with my wedding party. I couldn’t wait to see him and it was so special seeing him smiling as I walked down the aisle.”
Slava, from SGI Photography, photographing Lauren and her Mom together at Lakeside Country Club before they all headed to Memorial Drive United Methodist Church for the ceremony. “My mom is my best friend and she was so much help throughout the wedding. Getting to take pictures with her on the Big Day really struck a chord with me. I was fighting back tears because I didn’t want to mess up my make-up!”
Being on the dancefloor at Lakeside Country Club with friends and family. “I also enjoyed watching all of the guests interact and have fun. It’s like watching everything that you have planned finally come together seamlessly. It is really cool. Especially seeing all of these people from different walks of life in the same room.”

The Honeymoon

The newlyweds celebrated in Cabo, Mexico. “It was actually a back-up honeymoon because of a hurricane in the Carribean affecting our trip to St. John. It ended up working out fabulous! We had such a great time and the weather was amazing!
We stayed at the One and Only Palmilla and were treated like a King and Queen. Nice way to relax after a wedding.”

The Advice

Lauren shares her wisdom from experience with future brides to be:
“Well, I can’t speak too much to marriage since we have only been married for 9 days now, just kidding! I would just emphasize that you don’t let the planning process get in the way of your relationship or marriage. If you need take a break from it and just have a date night it’s probably a good idea. I was really relaxed on my wedding day and it allowed me to really enjoy everything and just sit back and have a good time. There is no reason to worry about anything on your Big Day!”

Lakeside Country Club


St. Laurence Catholic Church and Sweetwater Country Club Sugar Land Wedding Photographer

St. Laurence Catholic Church Sweetwater Country Club Sugar Land Wedding Photographer

It’s true that great minds think alike. I could tell early on that I was really going to enjoy being a wedding photographer this brilliant couple. Candice and Nick first met in undergraduate school at Texas A&M University. They were both doing research down the hall from each other in biomedical engineering.

Nick’s genius came in handy as he planned to ask Candice to marry him. He proposed at the Houston Zoo accompanied by a violinist. He even hired a photographer so he could capture the moment ~ smart move.

Many wise choices were made as they planned their wedding day. They decided to be married in the church Candice had grown up in; St. Laurence Catholic Church in Sugar Land, Texas. Selecting Sweetwater Country Club as their wedding reception venue was another bright decision. Sweetwater Country Club is delightfully elegant and conveniently close to St. Laurence. Sweetwater is an exceptional location for weddings, wedding receptions, and events. There are plenty of great backdrops for a wedding photographer to work with. Candice and Nick were very impressed with the wedding coordinator at Sweetwater. “Jennifer was very nice and happy to make our day special!”
The Details
Guests: 120

Gown: Justin Alexander

Cake: Supreme Kakes

Flowers: Dream Bouquet
On their wedding day, Candice had nothing but pure and profound love for her groom!
“I thought Nick was the most handsome man I had ever seen! I couldn’t wait to spend my life with him!”

Not every groom has the discerning perspective Nick had on his wedding day. Nick was fully confident in his bride-to-be. “There were some timing issues with her walking out to a certain song… Evidently some people thought she might be getting nervous, I didn’t have a worry in the world, I just couldn’t wait to see her in that dress!” It was no wonder that saying their vows and exchanging wedding bands was their favorite part of their wedding ceremony! The highlight of their reception was Candice watching Nick’s dance moves to take off her garter. Of course Maui, Hawaii was an outstanding honeymoon pick.
Now, a golden nugget of advice for future brides & grooms from our wise newlyweds ~
Enjoy your wedding day because it FLIES BY!
So true, so very true!
Enjoy your new life together, Candice & Nick! It was an honor to be a part of your wedding day!

Sweetwater Country club St. Laurence Catholic church wedding photographer

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Briscoe Manor Wedding Photography Houston wedding photographer

Briscoe Manor Wedding photography

Sheree & Alex met in their 7th grade English class and started dating at the beginning of their 8th grade year. Fast forward ten years to July 12th, 2015, when Alex popped the question on a spiral staircase under a beautiful chandelier after a formal dinner. He convinced everyone that this was all about having a family portrait taken. Prior to the pictures, he had arranged for just the two of them to eat dinner at the Diamond Steakhouse. “We both describe that meal as one of the best we’ve ever had. Not only was every course delicious, but we were also provided a complimentary bottle of wine. After dinner, we went to join our families during their meal so we could all walk together to go take pictures. We started by taking a family picture on the staircase.  After that picture, Alex told me to wait on the stairs so we could take one by ourselves. When I had my back to Alex, he dropped to one knee and revealed a little white box. When I turned around to see what he was doing, he presented me the ring. He went on to recite a well prepared speech expressing all his love followed by the words “Will you marry me”? I instantly I said “yes” and the crowd that had gathered around the staircase during the event erupted in cheers. It was all so unexpected!”

The wedding venue they chose had everything they were looking for. Briscoe Manor is located just outside of Houston, Texas in Richmond. From a wedding photographer’s perspective, this wedding venue was created with stunning wedding photos in mind!
“We both love how Briscoe Manor has a rustic/elegant look, beautiful landscaping, spacious dressing rooms, and that the chapel and reception hall were on the same site. The venue has so many unique aspects about it, but the deciding factor and our most favorite aspect about the venue is the huge dance floor located in the middle of the reception hall. We both love to dance and the one thing that we wanted was to keep our guests on the dance floor and for everyone to have a good view from their seats.”

The Details:

165 guests

Eve of Milady Boutique Collection Wedding Gown

The Sweet Tooth Wedding Cake

Dream Bouquet Floral Arrangements
The Big Day:

No wedding day jitters for this amazing Bride and Groom, but there were some intense emotions!
“I was so calm and relaxed on my wedding day and there were no nerves from either of us. But once those chapel doors opened and I saw him waiting at the altar for me, all my emotions built up inside me and my eyes instantly filled with tears of joy. No matter how hard I tried to hold back the tears, I felt like I had no control. I had been waiting for that moment for 10 years, and the excitement I felt walking down the aisle toward the man who was soon to be my husband was very overwhelming.  When I got to the altar, I found that I was not the only one that was over-joyed with excitement. That moment was more special than I had ever imagined it to be. The happiest moment was walking back down the aisle with my husband, after we were announced man and wife!”  Dancing, by far, was their favorite part of the reception, and finally, the newlywed couple was off to celebrate their honeymoon in Sandals Antigua.
Words of Wisdom:
Sheree & Alex say that wedding planning is very stressful at times and people may put a lot of pressure on you to throw an amazing wedding. Undoubtedly, some people will offer you their opinions or even question you if they aren’t invited. Always remember this is your big day.
Focus on the two of you and what you really want. Don’t stress out trying to make everyone else happy! Remember, this is about you! Most importantly, enjoy your wedding as much as your guests. This is the one day you are the star of the show, so you deserve to enjoy the big party that you spent months preparing for!


Briscow Manor


Pecan Springs Texas Wedding Photographer

Pecan Springs Event Center
Texas Wedding Photographer

Pecan Springs Houston wedding photographers




































It was the day before Texas A&M seniors, Jessica and Wade, were about to graduate. Wade planned a big day of adventure and romance around the campus for his favorite gal. He took Jessica on a scavenger hunt, revisiting places that were special to them; their favorite lunch place, the classroom where they’d first met, The Aggie Barn on the way to Waco, etc. The trip ended up at the former student’s building where a large replica of the Aggie Ring is displayed. Jessica had always wanted to have her picture taken by it, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. Wade had arranged for Lauren, a friend who happened to be a photographer, to meet them there as a surprise. The photographer posed Jessica and Wade, but just before taking photos Wade dropped to one knee and asked Jessica to marry him! “Of course I said yes! To make the moment even more special, Wade had invited our parents and our close friends to wait within the building and to come out and surprise me!” What a fun way to start off your celebrate your engagement – right there on the spot!

After researching and looking at many wedding venues in the Houston area, Jessica and Wade decided on Pecan Springs by The Springs Events. Pecan Springs is a rustic elegant, Texas-style all-occasion event center located just west of Houston, Texas. “We really wanted one that was somewhat close to home and had both an outdoor and indoor option for the ceremony. We loved the romantic feel of Pecan Springs’ landscaping and reception area. We were expecting a large number of guests and we wanted a venue that didn’t feel crowded. We wanted to make sure we would have a large enough dance floor for all of our guests! The inside of the venue was very spacious with great amenities for both the bridal party and the groom’s party. There was also a comfortable room upstairs for extended family members to get ready and wait for the ceremony to start. We also enjoyed the flexibility and opportunity to choose our own vendors! The outdoor landscape was beautifully manicured with lots of blooming and green plants which required little decoration for the outdoor ceremony. The owner, Jessica, was very easy to work with, and was always available via email/text/phone if I had any questions or concerns.”

The Details:
Number of Guests – 175
Gown – DaVinci, Impression Bridal (Baybrook)
Cake – Nadine Moon, ‘Who Made the Cake’ “Nadine was great! We both told her what we wanted and she created it to be exactly what we wanted!”
Flowers and Linens – ‘The Bloom Room’ “They were great and took our colors and created the feel and look that we were hoping for. They were great to work with!”

SGI Photography was honored to photograph their beautiful wedding day; especially the breath-taking moments when Jessica and Wade first saw one another in the wedding ceremony.
Jessica: We decided against the first look so the first time I got to see Wade was when I was walking down the aisle! When I first saw him I was taken over with emotion! We had planned this wedding for two years and we were Finally about to get married and start the rest of our lives together. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to give him a kiss!
Wade: I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked! Somebody had been cutting onions or sawing timber or something because my eyes started watering like crazy!

The most touching moment of the ceremony for Jessica was seeing Wade at the end of the aisle waiting for her, and also the exchanging of their wedding vows.
“We were both tearing up and it was a really sweet moment for us.”
Wade agrees that aside from what Jessica said, “the fact that all of our friends and family were there to support us meant so much. Having them there to give their support was incredible.”
At Pecan Springs Wedding Venue, Jessica and Wade were free to really enjoy their wedding day, especially celebrating their union with all of their guests.
“I absolutely loved getting to visit with all our friends and family who had traveled all over to celebrate our wedding with us! I also enjoyed our first dance and getting to have fun with all of our guests on the dance floor!”

The newlyweds began their honeymoon with a stay in a suite at Hotel Zaza and at the Hilton Galveston Island Resort. Then, they took a five day cruise to the Western Caribbean that left out of Galveston the Monday after the wedding; visiting Progresso Mexico and Cozumel.

Jessica and Wade would tell future brides and grooms to take your time with the planning and enjoy the process! Listen to each other and remember that the only thing that matters is the marriage and getting to start your life with the other person. The wedding and all the details are just icing on the cake, if you don’t sweat the small stuff, it will make the planning more enjoyable because you KNOW it’s going to be a beautiful day, regardless of what happens.


Romantic Chateau Polonez Wedding Photography

Chateau Polonez
Wedding Photography

Recent photos from the beautiful Chateau Polonez wedding

Brian proposed to Elina 2 ½ years after meeting online. They were having a romantic dinner in Breckenridge, Colorado while on a ski trip. It was the best dessert Elina ever ordered as Brian appeared from the kitchen with the ring in hand. Little did Elina know the entire proposal was being captured on video by the waiter! After getting over the shock and excitement of the moment, she said YES! They chose Chateau Polonez for their wedding venue. From a wedding photographer’s standpoint, it is one of the most dramatic and spectacular settings in the Houston area. It is very picturesque from the moment you enter the gate. It’s beauty speaks for itself and they felt the charm of the property from the first time they visited. “The grounds at Chateau Polonez are landscaped beautifully, and you don’t even feel like you’re in Houston! We loved the large windows inside. They brought a special outdoor feeling to an indoor ceremony. The service was impeccable and we couldn’t have asked for a better venue!”

The Details:

Number of guests: 160

Gown: Brickhouse Bridal

Cake: Cakes by Gina

Flowers: The Bloom Room

As Brian and Elina saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, they felt giddy and excited! “We both couldn’t stop smiling and it was perfect!” During the ceremony, the Rabbi’s words carried such meaning and really resonated with the both of them. “They allowed us to really be in the moment.” The newlyweds were so glad that everyone was having a great time at the reception. “The band provided awesome entertainment and really got everyone on the dance floor. We were on the dance floor for the last hour of our wedding, and have some amazing memories because of it.”This summer, they plan to honeymoon in Playa Mujeres, Mexico. Future brides and grooms, here are some tips from the wise newlyweds: Enjoy every moment of your wedding day-it goes by way too fast! Don’t sweat the small stuff—remind yourself why you’re getting married in the first place and focus on that! Oh, and be careful with your tuxedo shoes, they may cause you to slip and fall.