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Shirley Acres Wedding photographer

Shirley Acres Wedding Photographer
Houston Weddings

Chris and Tonya met through some mutual friends. His best friend from Texas A&M went to her church.
Chris proposed to Tonya at the Hilton with “Will you marry me?” written in chocolate on a dessert plate! They were on their way to see ‘The Eagles’ on February 21, 2014. What a memorable occasion!
When planning a Houston wedding, there are a plethora of wedding venues to choose from.
Chris and Tonya needed a big enough place that would hold all of their friends and family (190 guests) but would still be elegant and comfortable. They felt that Shirley Acres would be a good fit for them, especially since they would do all the setting up and there were many ‘extras’ included. Location was another deciding factor. “It was also close enough to us, that we didn’t feel like we had to travel far from the church in order to have a beautiful reception. What a beautiful venue and great people to work with! We loved their food as well!” Shirley Acres is on a 13 lovely acres in North Houston, along Cypress Creek. An ideal setting for beautiful wedding photography.
On their wedding day, the happy couple decided to have “First Look” portraits taken.
Both the bride and groom were a little star-struck and excited when they first saw one another!
“So happy that we did the first look pictures! I think we both felt a sense of relief as well!”
As Tonya and Chris said their vows to one another, they both teared up and cried tears of joy! It was a genuinely touching moment, and SGI Photography was glad to be there to capture these moments in portraits that they can enjoy for generations to come!
Their lively reception at Shirley Acres followed the ceremony, and the toasts and first dance were the highlights!
The Details
The Dress ~ Tonya wore an elegant ivory, strapless, fitted, lace trumpet dress with little light pink flower appliques. She wore fuchsia heels and pearls for my jewelry. Chris gave her a special pearl bracelet to wear on their wedding day as well.
The Flowers ~ The bride and her friend, Karen Smith, shopped for the flowers. They were all white/ivory silk flowers, some with a touch of fuschia on the tips. The bride’s bouquet was full of roses and peonies, with a fuchsia ribbon and her mother’s rosary wrapped around the stems. The bridesmaids had an ivory rose posy, wrapped with fuchsia ribbon attached to a black lace purse. Chris and the groomsmen all wore ivory rose boutonnieres.
The Cake ~ Unfortunately, the cake was a disappointing display. It was supposed to be half white elegant wedding cake, and the other was supposed to be chocolate with a chocolate drizzle and chocolate covered strawberries. This was not how it turned out.
Never-the-less, Tonya and Chris had a superb wedding celebration, and remind future brides and grooms to “Pray. Sip and Smile! Remember, at the end of all of it… you will be married and that is all that really matters!” SGI Photography was grateful to be a part of their special day, and wishes them all the best in their married life!

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Shirley Acres wedding photographer


Hotel Galvez Galveston Wedding Photography Galveston wedding venues

Hotel Galvez

Galveston Wedding Photography

The Story of Jane and Travis


You never know how or where a romance can begin! Every married couple SGI Photography covers has a unique story. We love hearing about their history, and what brought them to their wedding day!
Jane and Travis met thanks to Travis’s sister-in-law, Kristin.
Kristin was a pharmaceutical rep in the doctor’s office where Jane worked and she set them up on a blind date and the romance began!

It wasn’t long before Travis proposed to Jane.
“Travis and I were headed to Galveston for Memorial Day weekend on his sailboat. Along the way there were many adventures that happened and lastly we were at Redfish Island when he got down on one knee at the helm of the boat and asked me to marry him. Redfish Island is very special to his family. It is where his grandparents had their first date over 50 years ago.” Now that was a historical moment! How special!

Because they both love the water so much and all things nautical, Jane and Travis thought Galveston was fitting for their wedding location since that is where they were engaged. They decided upon the picturesque and historic Hotel Galvez for their wedding venue. Jane had been to a wedding many years ago at Hotel Galvez and remembered how beautiful it was. The night Jane and Travis were engaged, they stopped by the Hotel Galvez for a drink and it just felt right.
“We could picture hanging out with family and friends in the hotel lobby having drinks, walking the beautiful grounds and the having the gulf right in front of us. My favorite aspect of the venue is how elegant and beautiful the Hotel Galvez is and the old-world feeling it still has.
The catering and wait staff who took care of the reception that evening were so professional and did an excellent job. Everything went so smoothly.”

If you are in search of a memorable wedding venue with a beautiful setting for wedding photography, rich with history, and outstanding service, the Hotel Galvez in Galveston, Texas may be the right wedding venue for your special day!
Jane & Travis’ Hotel Galvez Wedding
Number of guests: 210

Gown: Maggie Sottero – Hannah

Cake: Cakes by Gina

Flowers: Special Arrangements by Lori

Occasionals Event Planner: Emily Escobar

When we first saw each other on our wedding day, there was an overwhelming calmness. The day of the wedding is so crazy and hectic, people coming in and out of your room while you are getting ready and then when I saw Travis at the other end of the altar all the craziness of the day just went away. I missed him so much that day and it was such a relief to finally hold his hand and be by his side.

There wasn’t really one particularly emotional moment. I did not cry, I was just filled with so much joy to finally marry my best friend and say those very special words to each other!

I enjoyed so many different things on our wedding day. From being just in awe of how beautiful the ballroom looked with the gorgeous linens and the incredibly elegant arrangements Lori made to seeing how happy people were and what a good time everyone was having and getting to enjoy all of it with Travis!

Our honeymoon destination was Italy (Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Venice).

Our advice for future brides and grooms would be to try and slow down your wedding weekend and take it all in. More so for the brides, the grooms have a pretty calm wedding day. It was over in a flash,
I remember crying on the way to the airport that Sunday because it was over and I felt like I hardly got to see anyone because so much is going on. But everyone told me that is what happens when you are the bride. Also having a wedding coordinator made everything so much easier that weekend. I didn’t have to worry about anything going on. I definitely recommend having a wedding coordinator for the day of the wedding.

Congratulations, Jane and Travis! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful wedding day! Best Wishes as your romantic story continues.

Hotel Galvez Wedding PHotography


Aggie Wedding Bell Tower on 34th Houston wedding photographer

Bell Tower on 34th

Houston Wedding Photography

Aggie Wedding

It’s true. The hottest wedding venue in Houston for wedding photography right now is the Bell Tower on 34th. SGI Photography was at it again, this time covering the wedding of Misty and Jonathan. It is well-known in Houston’s Wedding Photography industry, the perfect wedding portraits are a combination of location, subject, lighting, skill and heart. Perhaps that is why the combination of Houston’s Bell Tower on 34th, Misty & Jonathon, and SGI Photography resulted in these stunning wedding portraits.

Misty and Jonathan chose the Bell Tower on 34th as their wedding venue because of it’s perfect combination of beautiful architecture, convenient location, and outstanding service.
“We chose the Bell Tower on 34th because the architecture was so beautiful, and the venue was conveniently located in Houston. Our favorite aspect was the service. Donna Chun, our coordinator, was so helpful and took care of all the details for us. The Bell Tower was the first venue that we went to see in person. After walking into the Bell Tower and meeting with Donna for the first time, we were convinced that this would be the perfect place for our wedding. We didn’t even want to consider at other options after that.” 

These love-birds have such a sweet love story! They met in their 8th grade art class!
On the first day of school, Misty introduced herself to Jonathan. He introduced himself to the bold and beautiful young Misty by nervously mispronouncing his own name. (What girl wouldn’t think that was adorable!) Awkward shyness lasted for several weeks, and they didn’t speak again until Jonathan offered to help Misty with her art project that year. She was making a human-sized paper mache ice skate. Nearly every day Jonathan offered his assistance, and they began dating a few months later. Fast-forward through the rest of middle school and high school to their college days on the campus of Texas A&M University. They used to walk under the “Century Tree” together all the time while walking around campus, knowing that one day they wanted to get married. Misty explained the significance of the Century Tree: Aggies love the many traditions at Texas A&M, and as tradition says, “if a couple walks under the branches of the Century Tree, they will eventually marry. If the proposal takes place under the branches, the marriage is supposed to last forever.

Of course, Jonathan’s marriage proposal to Misty was under the branches of the Century Tree! What a show-stopping scene it was! Jonathan was part of the Corps of Cadets at A&M. He had arranged for the A&M Cadets from his outfit to assemble and form an archway of roses for he and Misty to pass under after Misty said “Yes”! The beloved Collie mascot of Texas A&M, Reveille, even delivered the ring herself! You can imagine how special and emotional it was for them on their wedding day at The Bell Tower!

Misty: It was like my whole world stopped. We had spent eight years

looking forward to this moment, and our dream was finally coming true! Walking down the aisle with my dad and knowing I had his approval and blessing as I walked toward Jonathan, my soon-to-be groom
Jonathan: I was overcome with emotion and happiness. I couldn’t believe

how beautiful Misty looked as she walked towards me down the aisle and how happy she looked!

They enjoyed celebrating with 108 of their friends and families at The Bell Tower, even more so since most of their relatives live in other parts of the country! It was even more meaningful to have them all gathered there together on their special day. Jonathan said they especially enjoyed the speeches made by their fathers, and the toasts made by the matron-of-honor and best man.

The Details

Gown: Tulle Ball Gown with Lace-Up Back and Side Swags from David’s Bridal

Cake: Fiona Tran from Fiona Bakery in League City, Texas 3 Layer half vanilla and half chocolate

Flowers: Veronica Mendoza from La Mariposa Flowers in Webster, Texas

Ceremony decorations: Green ivy and ivory hydrangeas

Reception decorations: Ivory calla lilies and hydrangeas

Bridesmaids: Ivory hydrangea bouquets

Bridal Bouquet: Tulips, peach roses, and hanging amaranthus

Honeymoon destination: Weekend getaway or “mini moon” in Houston. Delaying a

big getaway to Germany for several months in order to enjoy the benefits of taking an off-season vacation with fewer travelers.

Now, if you are looking for sound advice on how to plan the perfect wedding, listen to Misty and Jonathan, who speak from experience!

“Start planning your wedding early! If you are on a budget, splurge on the aspects of the wedding that are most important to you and save money on the ones that aren’t. Everyone will have opinions about how to plan the

wedding, but focus on what makes you two happy because it is your big day. For us, photography was one of the most important parts of our wedding. We knew that we were in good hands with Slava Ivanov as our photographer.”

Thank you, to the gracious and very wise newlyweds, for sharing your love story, details and tips with us, our readers, and future brides and grooms! We pray for God’s blessings on your marriage.

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Misty and Jon got married at the bell tower on 34 in houston

Bell Tower on 34th Aggie Wedding


The Bell Tower on 34th wedding photography

The Bell Tower on 34th
Houston Wedding Venue
Wedding Photography

The Bell Tower on 34th is reminiscent of a romantic storybook castle.

The wedding that SGI Photography covered recently at Houston’s Bell Tower on 34th was nothing less than straight out of a fairytale! If you envision your wedding photography to reflect your love on a grand scale, consider The Bell Tower; Houston’s premiere wedding venue.
Read about Lyndsay and Russell’s story and how they came to celebrate their wedding day at The Bell Tower on 34th.

Lyndsay and Russell met at a hotel in Houston which they both happened to be staying at on business trips. Lyndsay had been living in Denver, Colorado at the time and Russell lived in Corpus Christi, Texas.
They struck up a conversation at the hotel restaurant and bar, and months later began a long distance relationship. Eventually, their relationship had grown to the point that Lyndsay moved to Texas to be with him.

Russell had a grand plan to propose to the love of his life.
He took Lyndsay to Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, TX a huge, beautiful rock formation in a state park. “He woke me up before sunset one morning and we hiked to the top of it. Once we got there, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! We were the only people in sight and had the beautiful Texas scenery in the background. It was so special and romantic!”

As they searched for the perfect wedding venue in Houston, they discovered The Bell Tower on 34th. “We knew minutes after being at the Bell Tower that we would get married there. The venue is so unique and has beautiful architecture. It took us to a different time and place. We forgot we were in the middle of one of the largest cities in the United States! It had everything we needed including a romantic chapel to be married in, a beautiful water wall and courtyard to have a cocktail party at and a stunning, large ballroom that made us feel like a king and queen. We knew it would make an impression for our guests and give them a great experience and we were right. We have had such great compliments on it!”


The morning of her wedding day, Lyndsay had been full of emotions. With so much going on, things had become a little stressful. She felt nervous and anxious prior to walking down the aisle. But then her eyes fell on her groom!   “When I first saw Russell at the altar, I felt completely at ease. I felt like I was home. I knew I was walking toward someone I would spend the rest of my life with, and I felt so comfortable with our decision to marry. I was excited and tried to take everything in.”

The pastor had asked the couple to write their own vows to one another. During the ceremony, the pastor read them aloud. Lyndsay was deeply moved by what Russell had written. “Hearing Russell’s promises to me were so special and romantic!”

During their wedding reception at The Bell Tower on 34th, Lyndsay and Russell described how they were feeling. “There is so much work and stress involved in planning a wedding. After the ceremony, we felt like we could finally relax and enjoy the rest of the night! It was great knowing we were officially married and that we had our closest family and friends to celebrate with for the remainder of the night. It was also amazing to see how the room came together- the flowers, cake, decor, linens, lighting, etc. You have a vision when planning a wedding but seeing it all together on the big day was so impactful.”

Flowers: Weddings In Bloom by Pat Hermes “I wanted the flowers for our ceremony to be soft and romantic, so we had light peach and ivory arrangements made with hydrangeas, roses and other seasonal flowers. The flowers for our reception were more vibrant and included pink, peach and gold roses and hydrangeas. The arrangements had hanging crystals and along with the candlelight from around the room, it created a beautifully romantic and feminine look!”

Honeymoon destination: St. Lucia. An island in the Caribbean.

Most importantly, consider taking the advice of those who have been where you are going. The newlyweds, Lyndsay and Russell, encourage future brides and grooms: Never lose sight of the real importance of your wedding. Ultimately, you are vowing to spend the rest of your life with the person you love. Of course it is important to create a beautiful experience for both your guests and yourself to remember for years to come, but try not to get too wrapped up and distracted with the details. Enjoy the experience, take it day by day and try not to sweat the small stuff. It goes by so fast and at the end of the day you will accomplish your main goal- marrying the person of your dreams!

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Gown: Martina Liana by Brickhouse Bridal Cake: Edible Designs by Jessie Flowers: Weddings in Bloom Wedding coordinated by: Lorie Speich with A Splendid Event

Gown: Martina Liana by Brickhouse Bridal
Cake: Edible Designs by Jessie
Flowers: Weddings in Bloom
Wedding coordinated by:
Lorie Speich with A Splendid Event




The Houston City Club Wedding photographer Houston

    Houston City Club Wedding Photographer  


April and Adam met online on EHarmony in 2010. They didn’t start dating right away, but reconnected about a year later. For months, April was anxiously for Adam to pop the question! However, he still managed to totally surprise her!
“I was expecting it to happen on a weekend and he proposed on a Thursday. I’d gone out to dinner with his sister after work and thought that Adam was out with friends watching The Cowboys vs. Texans game. After dinner with his sister, I came home and found a note on our door in the garage that read “Welcome home April, meet me in the backyard, Love Adam”. I immediately knew what was about to happen and starting to cry! When I walked into the house, it was covered in red and pink rose petals. I went out onto our back patio and there he was, waiting for me. He had candles lit all over the patio deck and was standing under a metal altar that was decorated in twinkle lights. He also got the entire proposal on video. :)  It was perfect.”

Finding the right wedding venue in Houston can be a challenge. Not because of the lack of selection, but because of the endless possibilities! For the wedding ceremony, April and Adam exchanged their vows before God and many witnesses at Houston’s Memorial Lutheran Church on Westheimer.  After searching high and low for a reasonable wedding reception venue, The Houston City Club was recommended by a good friend. “After meeting with them, we knew it was the right place for us. The level of service and quality of The Houston City Club was exceptional! Plus, it wasn’t that pricey compared to other places who offered comparable services. We wanted a city wedding, and with the city club being located in the heart of Greenway Plaza, it was an amazing location. Our favorite aspect of the venue was the food! The food was just as amazing at our wedding as it was at our tasting. I’ve been to so many weddings where the food falls sub par, which is unfortunate because of the amount of money that is being spent. I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about this at The Houston City Club. We still have guests raving about how much they enjoyed their dinner.” April found her beautiful wedding gown at Brickhouse Bridal in The Woodlands. It was the Benicarlo by Pronovias. Their wedding cakes were made by none other than “Who Made The Cake”. Flowers by College Park Flowers (also of The Woodlands).

It was an emotional and exceptionally joy-filled day for April and Adam! Just before the bride entered the sanctuary, her groom arranged for one of his groomsmen to deliver a letter he had written to her.  “I couldn’t even get through the first sentence before I was overcome with joy and emotion.” As Adam watched April walk towards him down the aisle, he describes the feeling as being happier than he ever knew he could be! “I was overcome with joy and I was amazed by how stunning she looked.” All he kept saying as she walked down the aisle was “Wow”! He was fighting back tears!  April says she remembers the feeling of “pure happiness as I walked down the aisle to the love of my life, my husband, and life partner!”

At their wedding reception, during the father daughter dance, there wasn’t a dry-eye in the place. “My father passed away of cancer in 2010 and so we did a memorial dance in honor of him. The song that we played was one of my dad’s favorites.” The reception at The Houston City Club was the perfect venue to celebrate and make new memories. “We enjoyed most getting to visit with all of our friends and family and have everyone who loves us and supports us all in one room. We both just felt surrounded by love and happiness. It was a great feeling to have everyone all together.”

For their honeymoon, they were off to St. Lucia where they stayed at a Sandals resort which they definitely recommend! “We will be visiting another Sandals resort next summer in Antigua for our 1 year anniversary!”Last, but not least, these happy newlyweds offer a few words of advice to future brides and grooms. “Enjoy the process! I’m sure a lot of recently married couples say this, but it is true! This is a once in a lifetime event and you must soak it all in and enjoy it. Our wedding day went by incredibly fast. Before we knew it, it was over. On your wedding day at the reception, take a minute to stop and look around and really be in the moment.”