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Our Lady of Walsingham Houston Wedding Photography

Our Lady of Walsingham Houston Wedding Photography

If you have not found a wedding ceremony venue yet, fear not! You are not alone! Other brides have walked before you, and their experience and recommendations may be of great value to you!
Michelle was in just such a predicament. Finding the perfect ceremony venue was a long and painful process for her. Early on, she had narrowed it down because she and her fiancé, Elias, wanted to be married in a Catholic Church. However, the challenges seemed to increase from there. “I only would consider churches that had an older gothic feel to them, I didn’t want anything too modern. From there, we had to find a church willing to marry an interfaith couple, and a church that treated me like a person (despite the fact that I was not Catholic). When I found Our Lady of Walsingham, I knew it was perfect! The church itself is gorgeous, as well as the grounds. It reminded me of a castle, which was perfect for my fairy tale wedding theme. I could see many places that would make beautiful pictures, and I loved the stained glass windows. I also loved how friendly and kind the priest and his staff were, I never felt anything but welcomed and loved from the moment I set foot in that church. The price was also relatively low compared to other Catholic churches in Houston, which was wonderful. I also loved the bridal room, and the size of the church. We had a pretty small wedding, so I wanted a church that didn’t make the small number of guests (60) look pitiful yet a long aisle for me to walk down. This church was very cozy and the perfect size. Ultimately, I felt that this is the church God had called me to get married in.


The Love Story
“On July 1, 2011, while I was interning in Houston, my college roommate Nicole visited and we decided to go out. That same night Elias went out with a group of his friends. It was here at Red Door that we crossed paths. I had noticed Elias from across the room, but didn’t think he would notice me because he was in a big group. I was wrong though, as he had noticed me almost as soon as I entered the room and was just waiting to approach (he later told me). He got his opportunity when Nicole stepped away to get a drink. I was left standing awkwardly alone and that is when Elias swooped in and asked for a dance. The rest of the night we only had eyes for each other. He asked for my number and after we went our separate ways for the night he kept texting me.
Eventually, he invited me to travel to Colombia with him to meet his family for the first time. While we were there he surprised me with a visit to the romantic city of Cartagena. He told me to get ready and wear my nicest dress, and we went to a romantic patio in the old part of the city (which was inside of castle walls) for drinks. He kept telling me the sweetest most romantic things about how much he loved me, and I thought he was going to propose right there. But then he got up and said we were leaving, and a horse drawn carriage was waiting for us. We got in and rode around the city, and he surprised me by playing his guitar and serenading me with my favorite song. The carriage stopped in front of a beautiful old church, he got out and onto one knee, and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!”

Our Lady of Walsingham bride and groom after ceremony
The Wedding Day

For about a week leading up to the ceremony, Michelle and Elis had not seen one another. So seeing each other for the first time, knowing that this was the moment they had been waiting for and that they would leave as husband and wife was huge!
For Michelle, the most emotional part of the ceremony was when the doors opened and she and Elias saw each other for the first time. “I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, and I couldn’t stop smiling. I was so filled with love and excitement that I was breathless!”
For Elias, the most emotional part was seeing Michelle come in to the sanctuary, and the short amount of time that they spent on their own in the car after the ceremony. “The first time I saw her I felt amazed by an angel; I couldn’t believe she was going to be just mine”

The Reception

“We barely considered any other reception venues. We’d visited Proof Bar and Patio before we were even engaged and loved the place – it’s so modern and cool. I wanted our reception to feel like a big party. I didn’t want it to feel stiff and formal. I didn’t want a ballroom. Since we were having a smaller event I didn’t want to look like we were trying to do things that big weddings do. I liked the appearance of Proof a lot, we really did minimal decorating. I also liked Proof because it was a club in Midtown, similar and near to where Elias and I met, but it wasn’t so clubby that I would be ashamed to have my conservative Grandma there. After talking to the manager, that pretty much sealed the deal. He was so laid back and easy to work with. He let us have whatever we wanted as far as vendors, and we didn’t have to pay for the space (just a minimum amount on alcohol, which was no problem). The size was perfect because it didn’t look empty, but people had room to move around. I also loved that it was a rooftop place outside, yet there was a cool inside space that could be used in the event of rain.
The reception felt like it flew by so unbelievably fast it was a blur. My favorite part of the reception was probably my sister’s (maid of honor) speech- it was really sweet! Overall, I just really enjoyed having all my friends and family together in one place, which is something that will probably never happen again. Elias’s favorite part of the reception was the first dance.

Before they knew it, the newlyweds were off on a 7 day cruise that departed from Galveston and in Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island, and Mexico.

Our Lady of Walsingham wedding ceremony elegant


wedding party in downtown houston sky line


Words of Wisdom

“Things are going to go wrong at your wedding. Don’t let them ruin your day, embrace them. At the end of the day you are still going to be married, and some day (very, very far in the future depending on how bad things go wrong) these bumps in the road will be really funny stories!”

The Tuscany Villa Katy Wedding photography

The Tuscany Villa
Katy Wedding Photography

Yes. They met online. The day came when Brett planted a note in a bottle for his true love, Pamela, to find as they were watching the sun come up on the beach. The note asked her to be his gift forever, and he was down on one knee asking for her hand in marriage.
This couple loves a classy and elegant look. Their wedding turned out to be exactly that thanks to a lot of planning. They felt that The Tuscany Villa wedding venue provided the perfect classy and elegant setting for their wedding day celebration. They liked that The Tuscany Villa also allowed them to have everything included in the price.
The happiest moments of their wedding day were when they first saw each other! “We both looked our best and couldn’t stop smiling all day. I wanted to cry when he said I looked beautiful even though he’s seen me dressed up before, just not like this!” Pamela’s gown was a ball gown by Maggie Sottero. She said, “It made me feel like a princess! It couldn’t have been more perfect!” Because her favorite flowers are the calla lily, her bridesmaids each carried three long-stemmed callas, and the groomsmen wore mini callas. The bride’s bouquet was full of white roses, ranunculus, hydrangeas, and white calla lilies.
Pamela borrowed her grandmother’s handkerchief that her grandmother had kept for over 50 years. Her garter was blue, thus keeping tradition with the Olde English Rhyme, “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe.”
The officiate made things easy for them, and teased that not only were they everything to each other, now they were fishing partners as well! Haha!
Their wedding cake was split; white and chocolate; literally split down the middle with white and chocolate icing, and each layer alternating. Beautiful and delicious, classy and elegant as well! Brett and Pamela would like to offer future brides and grooms a bit of advice: Eat something before the wedding! We were both so nervous in a good way, that we had no appetite. Brides- breathe and enjoy the moments of getting ready with your girls. They were the best and will do anything for you! And when you walk down the aisle, look at your husband to be so that you don’t cry looking at others crying. Think of something funny or sing a song in your head so that you are smiling down the aisle so you will have beautiful pictures!

Lakeside Country Club Wedding Photography

Lakeside Country Club of Houston, Texas
Wedding Photography

In April, I photographed the elegant wedding & reception of Nathan and Elizabeth. Their wedding nuptials were performed at St. John Vianney Catholic Church. Cocktails and h’ordeuvres were served immediately following the ceremony in the Crystal Lounge at Lakeside Country Club of Houston, Texas. Dinner and the rest of the festivities were held in the ballroom of the private Lakeside Country Club. The history of the property of Lakeside Country Club dates back to 1861, although the actual “Lakeside Country Club” was founded in 1951 as a private country club. The property of Lakeside Country Club near Buffalo Bayou and Pine Lake was a lovely setting for wedding photography.

Now, a little love story about our newlywed couple:

Elizabeth is one of 8 siblings. She played sports and attended Catholic schools while growing up. She dreamed of being a teacher. Nathan is one of five siblings. He enjoyed being outdoors and desired to be an engineer.
Although they each attended different universities, they both joined the Student Manager Organization of their respective schools that assists Notre Dame’s athletic department. As managers, Nathan and Elizabeth met and spent many hours talking and over the summer began texting one another from their home states of Texas and Michigan. It was during this summer of frequent texting that Elizabeth’s dad coined the phrase “Texasing”. Upon returning the next school year, the two began dating. Within 3 years, they were engaged! Nathan proposed to Elizabeth at Notre Dame’s Stadium locker room where he was a manager.

“When we arrived at the stadium, I ran ahead saying that I needed to use the restroom, but I really wanted to check on the video camera. Elizabeth proceeded to set up the recruiting display with the numbers 8 and 22 because we started dating on August 22nd, but she did not make the connection at first. While she was setting up the display, I snuck up behind her and knelt down on the monogram ND in the locker room. Her back was to me, and she had almost finished setting up the display before she finally turned around to ask me a question. When she did turn around her jaw dropped. I was kneeling there holding her ring. I told her how happy she made me feel and I asked her to spend the rest of her life with me…and she said yes!”



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