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Galveston Beach Maternity Photography

Galveston Beach Maternity Photography

A Maternity Photography Session, is designed to capture a season of your life and preserve beautiful memories of your pregnancy that can be shared with future generations to come!
SGI Photography had the honor of photographing Nicole’s maternity session in Galveston, Texas. It was a warm & humid fall day on the Gulf Coast, and Nicole did quite a bit of walking for being 8 months pregnant! But, Nicole didn’t complain a bit! She knew that any temporary discomfort would be worth the final results!
We receive inquiries from expectant moms about how far along in their pregnancy is a good time to have their maternity session done. Our recommendation is to consider waiting until you are showing considerably, yet not waiting until you are too uncomfortable! For each mother-to-be, this is different! For example, Nicole was not showing a lot until she was in her 3rd trimester. The portraits turned out to be fabulous!
Before she knows it, her sweet baby girl will be arriving! The days of waiting, growing & feeling internal movement, will become a distant memory. Nicole and her family will be so glad to have these images from her maternity photography session!

Maternity Photographer Galveston Beach
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Maternity photography at Rice University

Maternity Photography at Rice University.

Babies are a blessing! They bring indescribable joy! A new life, a tiny person growing inside an expectant mother’s womb! Could anything else be more incredible? The months can feel long, the more a woman’s body changes to make room for a growing miracle. Yet in the hustle and bustle of preparing for the new addition to your family, baby’s arrival day will be upon you before you know it! Those moments of expectancy, wonder, reflection, and awe will quickly become a distant memory of motherhood.
A Professional Maternity Photography Session, is designed to help freeze a moment in time. To capture a season of life and preserve beautiful memories of pregnancy that can be shared with future generations to come!
SGI Photography had the honor of photographing Natalia and Asim’s wedding a year ago. An exquisite bride and a handsome groom, with the kindest of hearts! Not only has their love grown, so has their new family! We were thrilled to hear that they have a bundle of joy on the way! There is no doubt that this beautiful, loving couple will be amazing parents!
Their fairytale story continues!!!
The brave mother-and-father-to-be battled mosquitos and Texas heat at Rice University for a Maternity Session. Yes, the Maternity Session can include the hubby! In fact, we encourage it! It is a special time for the couple as we capture expressions of expectancy; portraits of the couple as they look forward to meeting the new life whom their love created. Perhaps we should start calling our Maternity Session “Expectant Parents Session” instead!

Natalia is wearing a beautiful white dress, against green background at Rice University

Rice University Maternity Photography

Maternity Photos on Galveston Beach


Maternity Portraits on the Beach
Galveston, Texas
SGI Photography
Maternity Photo Session

Maternity portraits make me a little emotional as I remember that it was 18 short years ago my wife was expecting our first child. Our baby girl is about to graduate from high school and I can’t believe how fast time flies. That’s what makes me so determined to help other couples capture the special moments while they’re expecting! They will be able to cherish these images long after bouncing baby girls start driving and going off to college.
This maternity session included some stunning portraits on the beach in Galveston. They had some great poses already in mind, and the most adorable tiny pink baby sandals as props! Yes, they’re expecting a little princess! You can just see the joy and anticipation in these parents-to-be! They are going to make excellent parents! I am thankful that they chose me to create these beautiful maternity portraits for them and look forward to meeting baby Violet when she arrives! Enjoy!


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Maternity Photo Session: Family Style! Galveston family photographer


A maternity portrait session that includes the entire family is a fun and moving experience! It’s a special experience of family togetherness. It reminds us that each individual on planet earth did not arrive here alone. Relationships are part of who we are. Instead of a portrait of just the expectant mother, a family style maternity photo session includes the father, older siblings and possibly others who will have a significant role in this newborn’s life.
The recent maternity session I did with Shannon and her family is a perfect example of a family style maternity session.
Each photo tells a story. You can SEE the love. You can SEE the relationship between husband and wife, mother and child, child and father, siblings and their soon-to-be brother or sister!

The  Family Style Maternity Session is a wonderful way to commemorate the brief time that is left of a family of 3 just prior to welcoming a new addition and becoming 4! These are the ‘good old days’ that family and friends will look back on and reminisce about. “Look how excited we all were to meet the new baby!” Before you know it, the snapshots of the new baby will be taken a mile-a-minute, and the new chapter in your family’s life will begin. Why not preserve today’s moments for tomorrow, by scheduling your Maternity Session (Family Style!) today?! Mother, father and child posting in front of the camera during their maternity  photo session family styleGalveston family photographer working with family from Galveston Txphoto of a mother to be posing for photographer in Galveton Txportrait of a family and expectant mother in Galveton Tx

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Maternity Photography Galveston, Texas


Maternity Photography

Galveston, Texas

Jeni’s Galveston Maternity Photo Session

Jeni and Matt are expecting ther first baby! Such a wonderful couple; they’re going to make great parents! What a joy it was for me be able to capture this incredibly exciting time in their lives! The awesome wonder of conception and carrying a little human being in the womb is one of those life-defining times that we contemplate the mysteries of life! The location for their Maternity photo session was on the beach in Galveston, Texas ~ where standing on the shore next to the vast expanse of the sea, creates a powerful and beautiful backdrop for the images! SGI Photography’s maternity photography is designed to focus on the love and relationship of the couple which began this journey, as well as the loving family unit into which this new life will be welcomed! Congratulations, Jeni & Matt! Your bundle of joy will be in your arms before you know it!

“Thank you so much! They are amazing!!! I’m so happy with them! You are awesome!  Thank you!!!”

Jeni & Matt from Houston.

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