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Valentine’s Day SGI Photography Engagement Portraits 2012 Sweetheart Contest

By noon on Valentine’s Day engaged couples across the Houston area were looking forward to celebrating love with their sweethearts on a dinner date. But by noon at SGI Photography, one special couple had received the most votes in the 2012 Sweetheart Contest on SGI Photography’s facebook page! The winners were one of four couples whose engagement portraits were entered into the contest. Fans and friends of SGI Photography’s facebook page were invited to vote for their favorite engagement portrait. The photo which received the most ‘Likes’ by noon on Valentine’s Day meant that the winning couple received an 11×14 enlargement of their choice from the Engagement Portrait Session done by SGI Photography!  All four of the couples are beautiful, amazing people and we appreciate each of them! Congratulations to our winning couple; Tia and Ricky! We know you’ll enjoy your lovely prize for years to come! To all of our engaged friends: Treasure your time of engagement, and treasure one another – not just on Valentine’s Day, but each and every day!

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Relaxing Carothers Coastal Gardens, Seabrook Engagement Photographer

Recently, I did an engagement portrait session with Shalina and Eugene at Carothers Costal Gardens in Seabrook, Texas. It was great for me to travel back to an area where my wife and oldest daughter lived for a season of our lives. I remembered taking my little girl to the park and library near Galveston Bay. There is such a peaceful and refreshing charm about this little coastal town.
Shalina and Eugene were a super couple to work with. Shalina actually grew up in Seabrook, so the history and location are meaningful for her as well. Shalina and Eugene chose to have their engagement portraits taken at Carothers Coastal Gardens in Seabrook. This is also where their wedding and reception will take place. Their wonderful wedding coordinator, Lindsey, from Polished Wedding Planning, referred her to SGI Photography. In fact, Polished Wedding Planning actually planned the very first wedding held at Carothers Coastal Gardens! I’m sure Shalina and Eugene’s Seabrook wedding will be outstanding!
The lovely, 8 acre property runs along the shoreline of Galveston Bay and is connected to Seabrook’s Pine Gully Park. The grounds are a beautiful blend of nature, landscaping and architecture; an attractive venue for engagement, bridal and wedding photography in Seabrook. I’m looking forward to covering Shalina and Eugene’s wedding at Carothers Costal Gardens!
The history of the Carothers estate and how it was recently transformed into an enchanting event venue is an interesting read on their website.

Houston Engagement Photographer, Equine Photography

Equine Photography
Engagement Photo Session
Houston, Texas
SGI Photography

Brandi and Ryan’s Equine Engagement Portrait Session was one of the highlights of  2011 for SGI Photograph. SGI Photography was thrilled when asked to do their engagement portraits – and that it would involve HORSES! Equine photography combined with an engagement session? Yes, please! SGI Photography doesn’t have to be asked twice! The photo session was a blast! With Brandi’s beautiful four-legged friends and this fun-loving couple, the results were outstanding! Now, this is fine Houston, Texas Equine Photography if I do say so myself!

Brandi and Ryan met through a mutual friend a couple of years ago. They became good friends before they began seriously dating each other. Within 6 months of dating, Brandi and Ryan became engaged! The proposal itself is quite an eventful story – we asked them to share it with all of us. You’ll LOVE this one!

Mid- march on a Wednesday 2011,  Ryan took me out to dinner. It was after a rough day at work, ironically.
In the meantime, my roommate was setting up our apartment with food and decorations and having my friends meet there. After dinner when we got home, he parked in an abnormal spot but I decided I wouldn’t ask any questions for a few months because I was kind of aware of the proposal happening but had no clue when.
I walked into the apartment which was dark naturally, but as I walked down the hallway something seemed weird and then I saw a glimpse of a chair out of place and then I knew something was up.
The lights turned on with everyone saying surprise. I KNEW THEN what was happening and I started screaming as if I had won the lottery- haha!
With all the excitement Ryan got down on his knee and said something like “Well will you marry me?”
I believe I had made him nervous and kind of messed up what he was going to say because he couldn’t get me to settle down. I was bouncing all over the place! I was still in total shock and excitement and I took the ring out of the box and started running down the small entry hallway, but then I  realized what I had done,  so I ran back to him saying, “Sorry!” and gave him a big hug and kiss with a “Yes!!!”  
Everyone had to ask again to say, “Ummm, did she say yes?”  because they couldn’t hear my answer with me acting so hyper. It was EXTREMELY hilarious! I was on cloud 9 for the next few days!
Luckily, it was videotaped, and it is soo much fun to watch and remember that night still today.
Forever memorable; which is the way Ryan wanted it to be. It was a huge success!

During their year-long engagement, this very happy couple has been busy planning the wedding of their dreams. Details are still falling into place and we can’t wait for them to finally tie the knot in 2012! We’re so excited for you, Brandi and Ryan!  Your adventure of a lifetime is about to begin!

 It was our pleasure to photograph Brandi at thire ranch for her engagement sessionEquine photography is our passion, we love photographing horses

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Discovery Green Park Houston Engagement Photography

Creating beautiful images for my clients is energizing to me. The relatively new Houston park called “Discovery Green” was the location for this particular set of images. A remarkable transformation from a ‘concrete eyesore’ to a beautiful urban park, Discovery Green has modern, heath-conscience vibe. Actually, Discovery Green is a lot like a picture of a healthy marriage; an anchor for further development, a source of health and happiness, a place to celebrate each other’s different talents and traditions, and an environmentally-friendly place! As the bride in these engagement photos suggested, the pampas grass made a lovely backdrop. I remember the first time I did a photo shoot at Discovery Green; this same pampas grass was barely a foot tall!
Discovery Green Engagement photography offers a variety of nice backgroundsit was a great day for houston engagement photography so we went to Discovery Green parkI love photographing at Discovery Green Park in Houston TexasEngagement photography at the Houston Discovery Green park

League City engagement photography Country Vintage Style

Brannon and Ingrid’s engagement portrait session speaks volumes in symbolism and imagery.
Their vintage country-style photo shoot in the heart of League City’s historic district is my new favorite! A portrait of Live Oak Trees; true love’s roots growing deeper, arms branching out to embrace one another, a symbol of strength – tough and durable. A portrait of the American Spirit; embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, like the pioneers headed out West, carving a new path, beginning a new life.
A portrait of the Simple Pleasures in Life; holding hands, a leisurely walk in the warm sunshine, stealing a kiss, the porch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Like a country girl and her cowboy, they were at home and relaxed in boots and blue jeans among the rustic elements of Butler’s Longhorn Museum and Heritage Park.

League City wedding and engagement photographer

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