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Galveston Engagement Photography

Galveston Engagement Photography
Galveston was packed for Spring Break this year! By Sunday, the crowds had thinned out and my favorite engagement photography locations were virtually ‘mine’ again. Great timing! I was able to do an engagement portrait session with this fabulous couple on the beach without interruption. What a stellar day on the shore! And what a stunning, newly engaged couple! They were so prepared for their engagement portraits! Their engagement portraits reflect their efforts! Totally color coordinated, perfect props, and being themselves ~ the most playful, in-love couple around! Absolutely a joy to work with, these lovebirds are off to a great start and planning to be wed in Grenada this December. Best wishes from SGI Photography!

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Houston Engagement Photographer SGI Photography

Houston Engagement Photographer

The story of Pam and Brett.

“Just be yourself.” Isn’t that great advice? People don’t always seem to follow this ‘rule’ but when you meet someone who does, it is incredibly refreshing! Especially in the age of the internet – meeting someone on eharmony can be quite a gamble these days. But when Pam met Brett in person, she was happy that he actually looked just like his picture, and truly was everything he said on his profile.  “It seemed too good to be true, that he was everything I wanted in a man!”
As an engagement photographer in Houston, I’ve met hundreds of couples. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great people, but it is rare to find a couple that is completely comfortable being themselves with each other like Pam and Brett.
Their first date was at Chuy’s. Brett remembers watching her walk towards him at the table and thinking, “This is going to be a good date! She’s a gorgeous brunette and loves Chuy’s!”  Since their initial meet and greet, the conversation has never stopped. It was so easy for them to find things to connect on and they enjoyed being together. They spent time together with friends, family, and alone. Pam knew that if a man is the same around all three, he is truly himself and that is who she fell in love with! They learned more and more about one another, and could relate to each other better than anyone else before.
Pam said, “He accepted me for who I was, I just knew he was the one!” Brett doesn’t think it was just one event that made him realize she was the one. Instead, it was through the course of their relationship that learned “how she confronts challenges and struggles, how she views us as a team and never considers quitting or giving up no matter what we face as a couple.” It all helped him realized she was the one for him!

The Romantic Beach Proposal

This story even impressed my wife!

This happily engaged couple from Houston had their engagement portraits done in Galveston because it was a meaningful place to them.
Pam and Brett went to Galveston on a Friday night and rented a beach house. They arrived late and Brett said he needed to run to the store while she finished unpacking. He said we had to get up early to watch the sun rise, so we had to get some sleep. 5:30 AM came quickly! They grabbed some coffee and chairs and headed onto the beach. They set up their chairs and enjoyed one another’s company and conversation as it grew brighter from the early morning sunrise. Brett pointed in the sand and said, “What’s that?” Pam looked down by her chair and found a bottle in the sand. “I pulled out a note that said, “Will you marry me?”  How could a girl not say “Yes”?!?

The engagement period between the proposal and the wedding day is important, and too often rushed through. Engagement photography captures the newly engaged couple as they are in this time of rejoicing, commitment, and contentment. This is a time for growing, strengthening, communicating, planning. They face new challenges and obstacles together, such as Brett finding a new job, and Pam starting a master’s program and having to quit her job to focus on it.

They moved into a new house during this time. Pam graduated and found a new job. But through all these stressful times they stuck together and communicated so that they could make it through. “We have been strong for each other ever since.” 

If just being yourself was the only advice to a successful relationship, there would be a lot more happy couples today. Here are the keys to Pam and Brett’s happy & successful relationship: Communicate and support one another. We have many interests in common so that helps too. Have fun with one another! It helps relieves the stress of daily life! ‘Doing nothing’ together can even be fun ~ and if you have that, it truly means something special! They enjoy so many of the same things in life, that it makes it easy to love each other and enjoy being together. Pam supports Brett in everything he does. Brett has the same values and morals that Pam does. They have very similar opinions which strengthen their relationship. They are both active and up for any challenge. Brett supports Pam in what she does and she feels like she can be herself around him without being judged by him.

It was a pleasure to be Pam and Brett’s engagement photographer, and we at SGI Photography wish them all the best!

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Engagement Photography Galveston Island

Galveston Island
Engagement Photography
Rachel and Sam

Lyrics from the popular Taylor Swift song “It’s a love story, baby, just say Yes!” run through my mind as my clients tell me their own unique love stories about how they met, fell in love, and became engaged to be married! Love stories never get ‘old’. They are the foundation that a married couple’s story will be built on. Down the road, it is extremely important that the story of how two hearts came together as one be remembered and retold over and over. It not only fans the flames and keeps the fire burning in a relationship; it inspires and comforts others on their journey towards true love.

As you read this love story recently shared with me by my clients, Rachel and Sam, and enjoy their engagement portraits I took on Galveston Island, remember to reflect on your own love story and treasure your special memories!

Rachel and Sam met in high school. They met in Sophomore English class to be exact!
When Rachel first met Sam, she thought he liked her best friend at the time. It turned out that although they had been friends since middle school, Sam actually liked Rachel instead! Sam thought Rachel was very cute! Before long, the two lovebirds could tell what each other was thinking by just looking at one another, without saying a word! They knew they were meant to be together forever! One day, while Sam was in Rachel’s dorm room, he popped the question! It wasn’t a big production, but it was absolutely perfect to them. As a writer, Sam admittedly tends to overanalyze things. He loves that Rachel tolerates his “lucid analyses”. Rachel loves how Sam can make her laugh! “We have many inside jokes that keep us laughing in any situation.” In spite of them both being hard headed and strong willed, they have wisely learned which battles not to pick with each other! Their ‘secret’ to a happy relationship is to focus on open communication. They tell each other everything. No secrets are kept between them. “This allows for the ultimate amount of trust between us.”

Photographing this newly engaged couple on Galveston Island was a lot of fun. They have a great chemistry between them that truly shines through in their engagement portraits. SGI Photography wishes them all the best as their love continues to grow. Happy wedding planning!


League City, Texas

Randi and Jameson by SGI Photography

League City, Texas has practically exploded with new growth in the last decade. Once a sleepy little bedroom community, League City is a bustling, small modern city. Yet League City seems to retain its image as “The City of Live Oaks and Friendly Folks”. Great lengths have been taken by local historians to preserve historical sites, structures and artifacts. Drive along Main Street (FM 518) just east of Hwy 3 and one enters the historic district. Most impressive are the streets lined with giant 100 year old Live Oaks; originally planted by George Washington Butler.
I, personally, love to photograph in and around League City due to the historic charm of ‘Old Town League City’ and the preserved historic Texas town atmosphere. Engagement sessions in League City are loads of fun! The results are amazing! In fact, two-thirds of my clients choose League City as their primary location for their engagement portraits! League City also has a special place in my heart, as it is the location where I have come to settle in with my own family. The historical and recreational parks are where my wife and I have spent time with our own children over the years. League City, Texas is also a special place to the couple for whom I did an Engagement Photo Session recently, because the bride-to-be, Randi, is from League City!
Another special place for Randi and her fiancé, Jameson, is OSU. Their alma matter holds a lot of treasured history for their relationship. Jameson came along with his buddy to help a young damsel in distress; Randi had locked her keys in her car – with the car running! His first impression of her was that she was very pretty and had a great personality! Her first impression of him was that he was very adventurous and made her laugh! She couldn’t get enough of him! After their first meeting, she was sold! Jameson knew that Randi had to be some kind of great cook, because she baked him a cake in order to thank him for unlocking her car! Soon after, she cooked him a full meal, and he was sure she had to be ‘the one’! Perhaps the saying IS true, that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Haha!
Randi describes knowing Jameson was ‘the one’ as their relationship early on ‘just working’. It was seamless and effortless; exactly how she thought it should be. The ease of their relationship made her realize that she had found her perfect match. “It couldn’t possibly be that easy – if it wasn’t meant to be.” This sweet couple is each other’s best friends! He absolutely adores her wonderful personality, and she loves his sense of adventure and his inclusion of her on his journeys!
Jameson’s and Randi’s biggest adventure together began back on the campus where they’d first met. Homecoming weekend at their alma matter, with Randi’s parents and sister in town, the whole group stopped in front of the library fountain – a famous spot on campus – to take photos. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, as Randi and Jameson waited for Randi’s mom to take their picture. Suddenly, Jameson dropped to one knee and asked Randi to be his wife! “I was in shock-and couldn’t have planned it better myself-I am thankful we have pictures of that moment to enhance our memories for a lifetime!”
The great adventure of journeying through life together as one has just begun! There are mountains to climb and valleys to cross, however, communicating, staying best friends, and remaining adventurous, are their recommendations to success in marriage! A long-distance relationship since college graduation has been a trial, but to Randi and Jameson, it has strengthened their communication skills. Every mile driven to and from one another has been worth it, and they will testify that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.
All our best wishes to Randi and Jameson as they prepare for their wedding day! The best is yet to come!




Galveston Engagement Photography

Allissa and Mitch – Engagement Photography in Galveston.

When a newly engaged couple is as fun, prepared, and flexible as Allissa and Mitch, you’re guaranteed to have an ideal engagement portrait session! They already knew that they wanted their engagement photos to be taken in Galveston, yet they were open to a few of my suggestions and didn’t mind a little fancy footwork down the Strand!
A casual meeting while going out to celebrate a mutual friends’ birthday, grew into the fantastic flame of love that Allissa and Mitch share today! One might be surprised to learn that Allissa’s first impression of Mitch was that he was “so cute and confident, but he seemed a little nerdy”! Perhaps Mitch’s nerdy persona was really the tip of the iceberg to the deep wisdom inside.
Only a very wise man would describe his first impressions of his wife-to-be as being ‘sexy, spicy, and way out of my league’! Now get ready to say ‘awww”: they both love the heart of compassion that they see in one another! Allissa especially treasures Mitch’s patience (aka ESP for her), while Mitch cherishes her work ethic and smile.
Traveling through life and traveling the globe together seemed to clarify that they were meant to be together. They became engaged while in Barcelona, Spain! Mitch dropped to one knee and asked Allissa to marry him!
Every couple faces challenges, and like Galveston, Texas must weather the storms of life, overcome obstacles and grow stronger! Working on a relationship while working full-time AND working on an MBA is a big challenge! Getting his work done and getting Allissa to let him do his work were big hurdles that they have overcome! Thank you, Allissa and Mitch, for sharing your engagement story, and for sharing some of your secrets to a happy relationship: Quality Time and Date Nights! We look forward to sharing your wedding day, and capturing every special moment of it!