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The Lasker Inn Bridal Photographer

The Lasker Inn Bridal Photographer

The Lasker Inn Bridal photographer


One of my favorite settings for a bridal photoshoot is at The Lasker Inn Bed and Breakfast in Galveston, Texas. It’s one of the most elegantly restored event venues on Galveston Island. The luxurious Victorian decor and spacious accommodations of The Lasker Inn are perfect for beautiful backdrops. There are grand, yet charming rooms throughout this richly furnished gem. Floor to ceiling windows, romantic fireplaces, a wrap around veranda, antique furnishings, enormous mirrors and gorgeous tapestries. Endless possibilities for posing the bride in spectacular surroundings ~ resulting in stunning bridal portraits. The Lasker Inn Bed and Breakfast is also available for your romantic proposal, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, wedding guest and wedding party accommodations, as well as honeymoon and anniversary celebrations. Not only will the exquisite Lasker Inn impress you with it’s atmosphere, the hospitality and service of the staff and owners will astound you! For an unforgettable experience, consider allowing SGI Photography to create your bridal portraits or capture your wedding day memories at The Lasker Inn.



Chateau Cocomar Bridal Portrait

“Chateau Cocomar”
Admit it. You started drooling by just reading the name of Houston’s most exquisite wedding venue.
The ‘Destination Wedding Venue’ in Houston’s backyard! The fairy-tale, dream-come-true, European style, enormous French castle that is deep-in-the-heart-of-Texas! That’s right; we are talking the royal treatment! Tall spires, marble floors, The Louvre-like art, renaissance fireplaces, European-style fountain & gardens, an elegant spiral staircase, crystal chandeliers…are you breathless yet?
It was not difficult to find a glamorous spot to photograph one of my clients during her bridal portrait session! Check it out!
chatea-cocomar-bridalsBridals-at-chateau-cocomarchateau-cocomar-bridal-photos Chateau-cocomar-houston-photographer chateau-cocomar-portrait-bride chateau-cocomar-wedding-photographer cocomar-bridal-portrait-houston

Vintage bridal portrait at Rice Crystal Ballroom Houston Bridal Photographer

Vintage Bridal Portrait at Rice Crystal Ballroom

Like they say, this is a place where history was made, from generals to presidents….
The Crystal Ballroom is a perfect place to hold your wedding reception or have a vintage inspired bridal session. It offers gorgeous silk draperies, magnificent crystal chandeliers, hand painted murals, huge arched mahogany French doors, wrap-around balcony and an elegant terrace to hold your wedding reception. Of course, this makes our job easier from wedding photography standpoint. I am always excited about photographing a bridal session at the Crystal Ballroom, and this time was no exception! I was thrilled when Christy decided to hold her bridal session at Rice Crystal Ballroom in Downtown Houston this past April. Below is the Empire Room which works fantastically for vintage looking bridal portrait sessions. Christy was a perfect subject for this type of bridal photography. She was so easy to work with and willing to try anything I suggested. I think these images speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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The Four Seasons Hotel Houston Bridal Photography

The Four Seasons Hotel Houston
Bridal Photography

Assa’s Bridal Portrait Session

The Four Seasons Houston was the perfect choice for Assa’s bridal portrait session. Not only was this a five star, luxury hotel, it was chosen to be the location of the wedding and reception, the exquisite interior decor and elegant setting made the backdrop for her bridal portraits complete! Assa is a beautiful young lady ~ inside and out! She is intelligent, organized, and was flexible with her scheduling and open to suggestions by her photographer! We photographed Assa in full wedding-day dress two days prior to her wedding! She had flown in from Canada to get married in Houston! True to the multi-cultural flare of their marriage, Assa’s stunning wedding gown was by Kittychen Couture – a designer who is known for “combining Eastern origins with Western demands”.
As you can see from the results of this Bridal Portrait Session, the combination of the bride, the gown, the setting such as The Four Seasons Hotel Houston, and the right photographer, to create stunning bridal portraits that you will enjoy for years to come!
Nick and Assa met in Puerto Rico was in graduate school. Their engagement lasted 15 months before their wedding day in Houston, Texas at The Four Seasons Hotel.

Assa did her bridal portrait at the four seasons hotel in houston 2 days before her weddingThe bride looked stunning in her wedding dress in the lobby of the four seasons hotel houstonBride posing in front of the wedding reception hall at the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston TexasBride posing for the final photo of the bridal photography session in the lobby of the four seasons houtel




















































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Houston Bridal Portrait Photography

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What is a bridal portrait photography and why do one?

A bridal session is a portrait session of a bride or couple in their bridal attire on a day other than their wedding day. These types of sessions take place before the wedding and help you practice hair and makeup (see if these are really the colors you want for your actual wedding day, do you want curls, hair up or down?), relieve the stress of the wedding day to get more shots allowing you more free time on the wedding day (though formal shots and many shots will be taken on your wedding day, it’s still a lot less to worry about for you and for me), get used to wearing the wedding attire, learn how to bustle that fancy train and play dress up!

Tips to remember for your bridal session:

Bridal Photography at Rice University

Bridal portrait. Rice University

Don’t wait for your bridal session to try out the makeup artist and hair stylist for the first time. Prior to your bridal session do a full run through with your makeup artist, hair stylist and your dress. Have your mom or friend take pictures of you so that when you go in for your bridal session everyone is clear on how you want to look. If you wait till your bridal session to test out everyone you might not get exactly what you were hoping for. The bridal session is too important. Make sure you are prepared. Treat this photo shoot as if you were preparing for your wedding day. Surround Yourself with People You Love but that will not make you nervous and constantly correct your every move during the session. Many times brides bring relatives or friends that are so worried about the dress getting dirty or how the bride is smiling and quickly it turns into the bride being picked on or laughed at and the bride loses focus and it shows in the pictures. Bridal Essentials: Don’t Leave Home Without Them: Powder, Blush, Lip Stick or Gloss, Bobby Pins and Hairspray, Flip Flops, and please plan accordingly with your stylist so you are not late to your bridal session. So many of my brides arrive 30 minutes to an hour late pushing all of my sessions back, please plan your time and include traffic time to arrive at the location on time. Please!

“It has been over 2 months and I am still amazed with SGI Photography’s Bridal Portraits and wedding photographs. Our photographer handled all of our changes, questions, and requests as if he had anticipated them. The experience was perfect, including quality, responsiveness, professionalism, value, and flexibility. We are certainly going to recommend SGI to our friends & family” by Aly Polazolo January 2011 wedding.


“Slava took all of Shelly’s pictures….engagement, bridal and wedding….He was great to work with. He listened, took my suggestions, and the pictures are outstanding. He was flexible and responded to all my emails immediately. We had 200-205 at our wedding and we requested a second photographer to make sure we had good coverage..He had one there for us and I am glad I requested that …Brides if you haven’t found a photographer SGI Photography today….MOB…..Jackie Wilson..Galveston wedding June 4, 2011”